simon leviev.

Simon Leviev is charging big bucks for club appearances. Images via Instagram: @Simon__Leviev___

‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev charges R307k for club appearances

‘He’s never going to be broke again’: Netizens are in disbelief after hearing that Simon Leviev makes R307k per club appearance.

simon leviev.

Simon Leviev is charging big bucks for club appearances. Images via Instagram: @Simon__Leviev___

Simon Leviev aka Netflix’s Tinder Swindler continues to make the most of his recently found fame. Simon went viral earlier this year after he was accused of swindling a number of women out of millions of dollars. Despite the fact that he is an alleged criminal, he continues to make money from being the famous Tinder Swindler.

Simon Leviev reportedly making big bank following his Netflix fame

One would think that Simon Leviev would be hiding in a deep dark corner following the Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler that exposed him for allegedly swindling women out of millions of dollars.

Instead, Simon has taken full advantage of his fame and has resorted to charging clubs thousands for a simple appearance.

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The famous Tinder Swindler is back on social media and is seemingly still finding ways to make money – this time, he is charging clubs a whopping $20 000 (R307 000) per appearance.

The Shade Room reports that Simon has already received a couple of offers from clubs in the US, Germany, and Mexico. And just when we thought R307k was a bit much – it’s not all the fraudster turned celebrity is demanding.

According to the publication, some of his other demands include a private jet, a suite at a 5-star hotel, a black SUV car service, and two bodyguards.

Netizens slam Netflix for turning him into a celeb

Many people have been left in disbelief over Simon’s success from starring in Netflix’s Tinder Swindler. Many of them made hilarious comments about him becoming rich from being a swindler.

Here are some of their comments:

lookbackather wrote:

“Look what Netflix did. Made this clown a celeb.”

selahmoonn commented:

“Lmfaooooo, he’s never gonna be broke again.”

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