Man orders R10 000 wings at KFC.

Man orders R10 000 wings at KFC. Image via TikTok

What you didn’t know about man who ordered R10 000 KFC wings

Here’s a few things you should know about the Tik Tok man who placed a R10 000 order of chicken wings at KFC.

Man orders R10 000 wings at KFC.

Man orders R10 000 wings at KFC. Image via TikTok

TikToker Anele Padipe has been trending on social media since his video of him ordering at R10 000 wings at his local KFC. Here’s what you know about him.

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Jacaranda FM reports that the man Anele Padipe, whose TIKTOK video went viral after R10 000 KFC wings is from Botswana and not South Africa.

The publication adds that the @anelepadipe2 from Botswana made an order for wings to the value of 10,000 Pula, which is around R13,800. 

While many social media users are still wondering if the video was a prank as he left them hanging, Padipe’s follower @TalifhaniJunior revealed that he knows the TikToker.

Talifhani said the Botswana man is the owner of a construction company and he ordered the wings to appreciate his employees.

“I know this guy. He is the owner of the construction company and he also have more than 100 workers on site. They accomplished the work in 2weeks that was supposed to take a month. So, he bought that chicken wings to appreciate them. I even heard that they’re still eating till now.”

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NompimeleloMolobaloa: “10k? Y’all surely slept in the toilet.”

Bethueltselana14: “The lady is fully aware of content creators.”

Dwayne Rømeo Nkanyezi: “So the wings weren’t hot right? 🤣 Coz if they were chilly for sure he’s running to the toilet with the bucket of water.”

Thembela Ninzi: “Lotto winner revealed!”

Criag S’bongile: “It was just a stunt what did he do with all those wings, the fact that he was taking video explain everything.”

Kagiso Kekana: “And he made sure that he post a video on TikTok.”

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