Lady Zamar Sjava

Popular South African songstress Lady Zamar. Photo: Supplied

These women are backing Lady Zamar after rape case goes public

An explosive report detailing the South African house vocalist’s rape case against former boyfriend Sjava was published.

Lady Zamar Sjava

Popular South African songstress Lady Zamar. Photo: Supplied

Outspoken poet and critic Ntsiki Mazwai, radio personality Penny Lebyane and actress Zenande Mfenyana have all rallied behind Yamikani “Lady Zamar” Banda after it was revealed that she had opened a case of rape against her former boyfriend, the singer Sjava. 

According to Sunday World, the Collide singer approached police at the end of 2019 with allegations of sexual assault at the hands of Sjava, whose real name is Jabulani Hadebe. The case was registered at the Lyttelton police station in Pretoria and later transferred to Thohoyandou for investigation. 

Incident in 2017

Lady Zamar alleged that the incident took place at the Porche Villa Hotel after the duo had both performed at the Royal Heritage Festival in Venda, Limpopo, on 9 September 2017.

“He woke up and started kissing her and she kissed him back. And he started taking her clothing of [sic] and she kept quite [sic] and did oral sex. He took the condom and put it on his penis and penetrated her. 

“She tried to stop him during the oral sex but he did not stop. She just let it happen as he was stronger than her. She was crying as it was painful. When he finished, he got off and held her and told her to sleep on the same day at 12:00,” read Lady Zamar’s statement. 

Backing for Lady Zamar

Mazwai said on Twitter that, after her own experience of being raped, she had chosen to always believe the victim because support was essential to the traumatic experience victims went through.  

Mfenyana took to her timeline to express her backing, adding that it took boldness to speak out about such an experience. 

“It takes a lot of courage to speak up about being raped.The violation you experience is damaging and debilitating to your human soul. I hope one day we as a society won’t turn a blind eye when someone reports that they’ve been raped. I stand with Lady Zamar,” Mfenyana tweeted.

Lebyane, who herself has shared her own story of being emotionally abused in a relationship, tweeted that she stood with Banda. 

Hadebe has yet to comment on the allegations. He has, however, brought a lawsuit of defamation of character against the Sama-winning vocalist after she sent out a series of tweets detailing how she was emotionally and sexually abused by a former lover in 2019.

While Banda didn’t expressly name anyone, many believed she was speaking about the Afro-soul hitmaker as they were once in a relationship.