These impossibly perfect marbl

These impossibly perfect marble cakes will play to your inner perfectionist [photos]

Almost too pretty and flawless to eat!

These impossibly perfect marbl

It’s time to feast your eyes on the most glossy-looking cakes you’ve ever seen. You might think these cakes are fake or photo shopped, but as it turns out they are the real deal.

Olga Noskova, a baker from Russia, is responsible for the making of ‘afternoon delights’ such as this:


On her Instagram account she shows off these stunning cakes which are very unique and any perfectionists dream. Some look like seashells or pearls and resemble a glossy-marble-like-appearance. She can even make a cake look exactly like a cushion:


And of course a lot of people are obsessed with her work. I mean…

I mean, look at them.

Not all of Noskova's cakes are glossy designs, such as this nutmeg-colored treat...







It looks delicious!


Even the insides of the cakes look amazing:

Even the insides of the cakes reveal perfect placement.

She was also gracious enough to share a video while icing the cake: