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The NSRI calls on the public to help prevent drownings in SA

Find out how you can help the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in 2019 over here.


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The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is calling on the public to help prevent drownings in South Africa.

The NSRI is a non-profit organisation that ultimately depends on donations, sponsorships, and bequests to fund its annual running costs. It is run by over 1000 highly skilled volunteers who are on standby throughout the year. And it is these volunteers who ultimately rescued 1 620 people in 2018 alone.

According to a statement sent by the NSRI, donations, and sponsorships cover the NSRI’s annual running cost of over R80 million where volunteers save them a salary bill in excess of R350 million per annum. To continue its existence, the NSRI relies heavily on donations from the public, particularly since they receive only 3% subsidy from the government to help meet their budget obligations.

Sea Rescue Programme in Schools and much more:

The NSRI has initiated an education arm called the Water Safety Education School’s Programme in Schools, which teaches children what to do in an emergency and gives them the confidence to do CPR as preventative measures while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. This programme targets the disadvantaged youth between the ages of 9 and 14 because statistically, they are the most at risk according to the South African Medical Research Council.

“Our aim is to make youngsters aware of the dangers around water and to give them hands-on practical experience on how to act in an emergency,” reads a statement from the NSRI. “The Sea Rescue Programme in Schools encourages all South Africans to be more sensible and better prepared. The core message is: learn the local emergency number and be a proactive bystander by knowing what to do while you wait for the ambulance to arrive.”

The NSRI also opens South Africa’s doors to tourism. A little known fact about the NSRI is that the international status of a country’s airport is dependent on it having a national coast guard (like the NSRI).

“This international status not only opens our doors to tourism but also allows us to join the global world of imports and exports, which in turn, has a positive effect on our country’s economy.”

If you would like to support the NSRI in 2019 – this is what you can do:

Your once-off donation of R735 will get you a ticket to enter the NSRI Double Mitsubishi Prize Draw. You may buy as many tickets as you wish. Tickets are limited to 35 000 so you actually have an excellent chance of winning:

  • First prize is TWO Mitsubishi vehicles: A Pajero Sport 2.5 and an ASX 2.0 (Classic) valued at over R800 000.
  • The second prize is R250 000 cash.
  • And the third prize is a ‘holiday of your dreams’ to the value of R80 000.

Make sure to visit the NSRI’s website to enter the draw and for more details.