The Mountain from Game of Thro

The Mountain from Game of Thrones launched his own Icelandic vodka, wins the internet [video]

It’s basically Game of Thrones vodka, need we say more?

The Mountain from Game of Thro

Game of Thrones’ The Mountain, played by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson apparently owns a distillery and recently launched his own vodka called Icelandic Mountain Vodka.

It contains references to the hit series and fans will definitely get a kick out of this. Check it out:

According to the official website the vodka is “from the land of fire and ice” and made from the purest “Icelandic water”. Furthermore, the vodka is “distilled seven times so it feels extra smooth while still standing strong at 40% alcohol and is Gluten Free.”

Apparently, vodka is only the beginning as the website states:

“The Icelandic Mountain Vodka is the first out of 4 products that we have tied together. The products are based on the old Icelandic legends of the guardians or the Icelandic Spirits. The giant (Mountain vodka), The dragon (coming soon), the eagle and the bull. Legends say that these mythological creatures are the guardians that protect Iceland from its enemies. We are making a line of bottles and each bottle will represent one of the guardians.”