Uber drivers react

Uber drivers react. Picture: Uber.

‘This is a three-sided story,’ UBER drivers react to BACKLASH

Following relentless criticism of its service, UBER drivers react to insensitive company comments with their side of the story.

Uber drivers react

Uber drivers react. Picture: Uber.

Earlier this week (28 August 2023) we published a story – UBER speaks up against CRITICISM – talking about the e-hailing company’s problems with dilapidated fleets, poor drivers, cancelled trips, strikes and incidents of crime.

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The story hit a nerve and we’ve been inundated with comments and WhatsApp messages from our audience. Now, Uber drivers react to the backlash. “This is a three-sided story,” they say. Here’s feedback of their own. The question remains whether Uber executives will actually listen.


Uber drivers react
Uber drivers react. Picture: File.

“Yes, I agree it’s now not the same as back in 2014, I all blame it to Uber officials they are just in it for the business and do not care about their so-called partners. Truth is we are not happy at all,” – Mdavu.

“Uber is not fair to the drivers. In 2015 a trip from Sandton to OR Tambo was about +- R250. But now it’s about R130 while petrol is more expensive instead the prices are going. They don’t think of drivers who are taking care of the families petrol and life expenses,” – Zakhele.

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“Honestly, I don’t think it’s right for Khaole to remain defensive. First of all, the app doesn’t divulge the request destination and only furnishes pick up point and road names in 80% of trips. That compromises our safety as Uber drivers. Most important one is the injustice of getting blocked even if it’s an utter lie without proper litigation. They are one-sided in response. Khaole is taking us for a ride. I will never recommend someone to drive on this platform,” – hbrcfund02.


Uber drivers react
Picture: File.

“Uber never cares about their drivers and clients, only their 25% commission. Uber should request an ID number on rider’s app, so this will be easier to trace if something goes wrong. Petrol increases every monthly, but the price of rides remains the same and they expect drivers to give the best service and have well-maintained cars with that poor fares. Uber will never care about anything else or anyone but their commission. End of story,” – Clement88!!

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“I have been driving for Uber for 8+ years now and its always the drivers to blame. Can we as drivers also be heard and share the problems we face with clients. It’s unfair when drivers get bashed always. 8 years never had any bad review or report. This is a three-sided story.” – Teeswis.


Uber drivers react
Uber app. Picture: File.

“First of all, Uber is just greedy and self-centered, they only care about their ridiculous 25% commission whilst the trip fares keep going down and petrol prices go up. How can Uber cars be of a good standard if they don’t pay drivers enough? Uber is in competition with Bolt now, and whenever Bolt drops its prices or invents another category, Uber copies it. Now there’s Uber Go, the standard for Uber Gos isn’t pleasant. Short trips don’t pay but longer trips don’t pay either. Imagine driving 50 km for R205. Uber, please try to think for your drivers, as you would like to take care of yourself too. Hopefully Uber will do the right thing,” – Lungilepagiwa.

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