black coffee on the daily show with trevor noah

Photo: Twitter / Black Coffee

The Daily Show: Here’s how you can watch Black Coffee interview [video]

Two of South Africa’s biggest entertainers met up for a great conversation, on one of the world’s biggest shows.

black coffee on the daily show with trevor noah

Photo: Twitter / Black Coffee

Black Coffee has been running the international circuit on the low for quite some time now. The acclaim he has garnered in Europe and parts of the United States is something he is used to.

However, very recently, the South African veteran DJ has ramped up the PR a little bit. If we had to make an educated guess, we’d say he is on the cusp of an album roll-out.

Black Coffee blazes the trail in Canada

A couple of days after Black Coffee left Rebel, a nightclub in Toronto, Canada, on its knees, his next stop was to pay an old friend and fellow countryman, a visit in New York.

Possible two of the four biggest entertainers to come out of South Africa (Charlize Theron and Die Antwoord making up the other half), this was the first time Black Coffee sat down with Trevor Noah for an engaging interview.

Sure, they probably meet up on rooftops of the elite private parties here and there and probably bump into each other often during their globetrotting.

However, this interview promised to be one for the books and boy did it deliver.

Fans left frustrated by inability to watch The Daily Show interview

Unfortunately, the release of the footage has not been made available to South Africans just yet. This usually is due to complex licensing issues that we will not get to.

The Comedy Central website is the only place that has hosted the Black Coffee interview thus far. But, as tradition would have it, the video will probably make its way to The Daily Show‘s YouTube page soon.

How to watch Coffee’s latest interview with Trevor Noah

So, don’t fret. Once the video has been uploaded to the channel, it will be available for South Africans to watch. We will also have an embed of the interview below as soon as it is up. Thus, remember to refresh this page if you are a returning reader.

Although it is not advised, some people beat the punch and download a VPN (a virtual private network) that masks the location of their PC.

This tricks the system into thinking that you are surfing the web in another country. VPN programs like Tunnel Bear are very popular.

However, again, this is not advised so if you run into some trouble, don’t blame us. Those with patience will know that it is wiser to just wait for the interview to drop on YouTube.

(The video will be embedded below. Returning reader, please remember to refresh the page in case the video does not appear once we have updated this article)