teacher and pupil

This pupil is entertaining his teacher. Image via TikTok: @brandon_horn17

Not all bad: Pupil puts a smile on teacher’s face with dance moves [watch]

‘Best teacher ever’: South Africans have been left with a smile on their faces after watching a clip of a kind teacher and her pupil.

teacher and pupil

This pupil is entertaining his teacher. Image via TikTok: @brandon_horn17

Over the last week, South Africans have been left fuming over the state of the country’s schools. This after a video surfaced of a teacher and his learner engaging in an altercation which saw the latter being shoved across the room. One local pupil and his teacher have left a smile on many people’s faces after showing that things are not all bad in the classroom.

Pupil leaves teacher giggling with dance moves

Various videos have been circling the internet of questionable behaviour by students that have left South Africans both concerned and angry at the level of disregard and disrespect that many children have for both their teachers and the school property.

A video has since gone online to show that there is still a little bit of harmony between pupils and teachers and judging by the comment section – South Africans were very happy to see it.

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In the TikTok clip that was shared on the app in November last year by a user with the handle @Brandon_Horn, the student can be seen showing off his dance moves in front of his teacher who can’t help but crack a smile at his silliness.

The video was captioned:

“I must be the most annoying learner ever.”

Watch the dancing boy and his kind teacher here.

Mzansi loves it

While some people questioned why the young man was allowed to have and use his cellphone in class, others simply shared compliments with the “cool” teacher who appears to be very patient and kind.

Read some of their kind comments below:

@Lucky McGhee said:

“You got the best teacher.”

@Alwande Sibiya said:

“She was always cool about that. I like her best teacher.”

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