YIKES! Teacher butchers snake

YIKES! Teacher butchers snake after it coils around colleague’s leg

‘She killed it for absolutely no reason’: South Africans have had mixed reactions to a teacher chopping up a snake in this viral video.

YIKES! Teacher butchers snake

South African Twitter users have been left shocked after watching a clip of two teachers fending off a snake.  In the clip that has been viewed thousands of times, a snake can be seen slithering toward a classroom when a teacher approaches it and tries to trample it to death. Instead of dying, the snake curls itself around the teacher’s leg forcing her to call for some help from what appears to be another teacher watching the drama.

The story doesn’t end well for the snack who was chopped a number of times by the frightened teacher.

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Snake chopped after wrapping itself around teacher’s leg

Schoolchildren at an unknown school were treated to quite a bit of excitement after watching a short battle between their teacher and a snake.

In a clip that has gone viral on Twitter, a snake can be seen slithering toward a classroom full of children.

A snake lost its life after wondering into a schoolyard. Image via Unsplash

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Not allowing the creature to reach its destination, a brave teacher steps into view and tries to crush the it by stamping it.

Her efforts are fruitless as the snake begins to coil itself around her leg.

She quickly enlists the help of another teacher who is armed with a knife and starts to chop it off the teacher’s leg.

Take a look at the clip below:

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Mzansi has mixed reactions

The post received mixed reactions from locals who commented on the teacher’s fearlessness while lambasting her for ending the creature’s life.

“She did so well,  cool and calm,  no hysterical screaming,” wrote one person.

Another said:

“that snake was not gonna hurt those kids that were safely inside!! she killed it for absolutely no reason. it could’ve simply been relocated. I hate that people view their own lives as superior to the lives of animals”

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