How far away is Table Mountain

Table Mountain, as viewed from the Waterfront (V&A Waterfront)

How far away is Table Mountain from the V&A Waterfront?

Two different worlds separated by mere kilometres…

How far away is Table Mountain

Table Mountain, as viewed from the Waterfront (V&A Waterfront)

They are both icons of Cape Town’s tourist haven, but the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain stand as polar opposites from each other.

You have the modern, vibrant metropolis in the harbour that is fuelled by the energy of the bustling crowds, as neon lights reflect gracefully on the water’s edge.

Then you have the majestic, unabashed beauty of the mountain, staring down imposingly upon the city it has looked over for thousands of years.

They may be chalk and cheese, but they are both hugely popular with visitors and locals alike. If you do find yourself at the V&A and fancy a quick trip up the road to see a natural wonder of the World (This is Cape Town, you can just do things like that here), then we’ve got everything you need to know about a trip to Table Mountain…

How far is V&A Waterfront from Table Mountain?

From the harbour, Table Mountain is 9.3 kilometres – or 5.7 miles – away. The drive will take you about 20-25 minutes.

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How do I get to the top of Table Mountain?

Once you’re at Table Mountain, you’ll need to get up it. You can hike up there in about 2.5 – 3.5 hours, but it’s a lot easier on the legs to take the cable cars. Be advised that you should book tickets for the cars in advance, or face long queues to buy on the day.

Visit here for further information on Table Mountain hikes, or use this link for more about the cable cars.

Getting from the Waterfront to Table Mountain

By Car:

Hop on to Portswood Road then turn left onto Helen Suzman Boulevard. After 1.2km, you turn right onto the M62 which takes you right up to Table Mountain. It’s very well signposted and, well, it’s a huge mountain. You should be fine finding it.

You will find free parking along Tafelberg Road, before and after the Lower Cable Station. Tafelberg Road is steep and winds up to the Lower Cable Station, which is about 1.5km from the Kloof Nek Road turn into Tafelberg Road.

By MyCiti Bus:

The MyCiTi bus route that runs from the V&A Waterfront to Camps Bay stops at the top of Kloof Nek Road (route number 106 and 107, Waterfront Silo / Civic Centre / Camps Bay).

Hop off there and take the free MyCiTi shuttle service (route 110) that runs from Kloof Nek Road, up Tafelberg Road and right to the Lower Cableway Station.

By City Sightseeing Bus:

You can buy a ‘City Sightseeing’ ticket fro R190 that gives you unlimited travel across Cape Town via the large red buses. They run every 25 minutes from The Waterfront up to Table Mountain


It’ll cost about R55 – R65 (between $4-5). But they are now face regulations about where they can and can’t pick you up from at the V&A:

The app-based company can now only drop you off from three spots near the mall:

  • The Breakwater entrance of the V&A Mall
  • The Corner of Dock Street, next to the V&A Food Market
  • Two Oceans Aquarium


It’s a very hefty 2 hours and 50 minutes from the V&A Waterfront harbour to the foot of the cable car pick-up. If you’re a masochist, this one’s all yours.

When is the best time to visit Table Mountain?

Sunrise from Lion’s Head above the clouds overlooking Table Mountain (Brendon Wainwright/Wikimedia)

Though the cooler air at Table Mountain’s peak can be a nice respite for searing temperatures on the ground in the summer months, the best months for visiting are generally seen as October and April.

The weather is still pleasant enough without causing uncomfortable conditions on the ground. Remember, queing for tickets can take up to an hour.

The last cable car down the mountain is at 19:00 hours, which gives visitors in the spring and autumn the chance to watch the sunset from more than 1,000km above sea level

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How far is the V&A Waterfront from…

(Starting from the harbour)

City Centre: 2-3km
It’s a brisk 25 minute walk, or 10 minute car journey allowing for traffic.

Table Mountain: 9.3km
Straight up the M62, a steady 15-minute cruise and a kind flow of traffic will get you up to Cape Town’s most famous landmark.

Camps Bay: 9-10km
If you want to get yourself to the beach, be warned

Robben Island: 16km
A steady 20 minute ferry-ride away or a harrowing 6-8 hour swim.

Constantia: 21.7km
Welcome to wine country! It’s 30 minutes by car and the City Sightseeing busses will take you from Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A right up to the heart of the winelands, and via Kirstenbosch botanical gardens, which is only 15km away itself.

Airport: 22.5km
A 20 minute drive up the N2 will connect you from sky to the harbour

Stellenbosch: 53km
A beautiful gem in the Cape’s crown and another stellar example of SA’s wine prowess. Traffic wildy varies going across the N1: A good day will see you there in 45 minutes. Anything else could add another hour onto your travels

Cape of Good Hope: 70km
It’ll take nearly two hours to get you from the north of the Cape to its extreme south.

Contact details for Table Mountain

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