South Africans online are having it over #ThingzIhateMost ,of course it’s hilarious

Another week, still no closer to chill…


Everytime South African social media is feeling particularly saucy (it normally ends up being on a Friday) we like to showcase the best of she humorous shade being thrown, all in a neat series called “South Africans Online”.

Today #ThingzIHateMost has gone completely viral, legit, at the time of writing it was trending number 1 for local trends on Twitter. Of course, the best responses are all meme-worthy pictures from different parts of South African pop culture.

Trust us when we say, you will share your hatred for A LOT of these things.

First up, we have those radio DJs who are just intent on ruining your day…

The younger generation ALL know this pain… everything is the “fault” of the cellphone… *rolls eyes*

Don’t take my food BRUH! No man…

Don’t go this far, whose phone do you think this is even??

This rings true on a bus and even the train…

And lastly, why do we NEVER seem to have enough space on our phones???