jobs in 2024

Check out these most-in-demand jobs in 2024 in Mzansi. Image: SA Gov Jobs/File/Fotor

South African companies cannot fill these jobs in 2024 fast enough

Get on the fast-track to gainful employment by applying for one of these most-in-demand jobs in 2024 in Mzansi. You cannot lose …

jobs in 2024

Check out these most-in-demand jobs in 2024 in Mzansi. Image: SA Gov Jobs/File/Fotor

Due to stagnant growth and a protracted economy, jobs in 2024 in South Africa are hard to come by. The ratio of jobs in 2024 to job seekers is totally out of balance. According to Investec, Mzansi’s current workforce is 22.4-million people, of whom 14.5 million are working and 8 million are actively seeking work. So, it’s time to get clever about finding jobs in 2024.

In a great report by Business Tech, using research from CareerJunction’s advertised vacancies, it has analysed the labour market for the last year. So, now we know what the most-in-demand jobs in 2024 are and how you can position yourself to get them.


Secure your future by exploring one of these in-demand South African jobs in 2024. Image: File

Investigating professions with the highest demand and best hiring trends over time, these five jobs in 2024 are where the money is at:

  • Business and Management.
  • Finance.
  • Information Technology (IT).
  • Sales.
  • Administration and Office Support.

Interestingly, according to CareerJunction, large job cuts in the IT sector has seen demand for jobs in 2024 slow. IT has been on a steady drop from first to third since 2022. Business and Management professionals and Finance experts are now the most in-demand hires in South Africa.


jobs in 2024
Business and Management have numerous vacancies that need filling in 2024. Image:

In the broadest sense, it means people who can take care of business and manage a workforce. It’s all about having great leadership skills because the buck stops with you. There are several excellent Business and Management courses out there, so, enrol in one and you’ll be on the fast-track to a gainful career.

Moreover, within this sector, the most advertised vacancies are for:

  • Middle/Department Manager.
  • Senior Manager.
  • Executive.
  • Team Leader.
  • Supervisor.

Popular job vacancies listed under Finance include:

  • Financial/Project Accountants.
  • Bookkeepers.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable professionals.
  • Purchasing and Procurement professionals.
  • Cost and Management Accountants.
  • Sales.

Sales consultants help sustain a company by keeping it profitable and competitive. More often than not you don’t need any skills to secure a sales position. You just need to be able to sell and graft incredibly hard, often working for a small basic salary and relying on larger commission from deals. If you’re a young, ambitious job seeker, you could do a lot worse than cutting your teeth and opening future doors through sales.

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