sassa payment dates

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SIX ways to qualify for SASSA government pension in March 2024

As the cost-of-living increases, more elderly people are joining the SASSA government pension scheme. Here are six ways to qualify …

sassa payment dates

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As announced at last month’s budget speech, the SASSA government pension administered by the South African Social Security Agency increases in April 2024. That’s welcome news to the nearly 4 million who receive a SASSA government pension currently.

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However, as The South African has reported previously, the R90 increase coming in April 2024, plus a further R10 increase in October, is still far below what academics believe the country’s elderly deserve and need to survive.


SASSA pension grant
These are the six requirements to qualify for a SASSA pension grant in 2024. Image: File

Owing to the fact that most old-age pensioners are still breadwinners in homes of five people or more, they often must go without chronic medication and other basic comforts just to keep food on the table.

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Nevertheless, the National Treasury has already committed to spending R266 billion on social welfare in 2025. That equates to 3.6% of the country’s GDP, or roughly R6 out of every R10 collected from taxpayers. And the most important portion of this goes to the SASSA government pension scheme.


SASSA pension grant
You don’t need to reapply for a SASSA pension grant, but you could be reviewed regularly. Image: File

The South African government is obligated to protect the elderly in their later years. And these are the six requirements for anyone to qualify for a SASSA government pension in 2024:

  1. You must be 60-years of age or older.
  2. You must permanently reside in South Africa to qualify.
  3. You must submit a verifiable identification document (ID).
  4. You cannot receive another social grant or live in a state-sponsored institution.
  5. Your assets cannot exceed R1 227 600 if single, and R2 455 200 if married.
  6. You cannot earn more than R86 280 annually if single, and R172 560 if married.


SASSA pension grant
SASSA pension grant increases are coming in April 2024. Image: File

Currently the amount for a SASSA government pension is R2 090 (60-years old) and R2 110 (75-years old). However, SASSA government pension increases next month (April 2024) to R2 180 and R2 200 respectively.  

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If you are too old or sick to apply for a SASSA government pension yourself, complete this AFFIDAVIT, and ensure the person applying on your behalf has the following certified documents, plus copies:

  • Identification document.
  • Proof of your marital status.
  • Discharge certificate from your last employer or Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).
  • Proof of dividends and income.
  • Proof of address.
  • Three-months bank statement.
  • Proof of assets.

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