What flavour makes you roar? C

Image: Simba Chips

What flavour makes you roar? Chip in on Simba’s Choose Me or Loose Me campaign

You might just lose your favourite Simba chips flavour, forever. Here’s what you can do to stop it from happening.

What flavour makes you roar? C

Image: Simba Chips

Simba chips in South Africa recently launched their new Choose Me or Loose Me campaign inviting South Africans to vote for their favourite chips flavour to stay on the market. The flavour with the least votes will ultimately be discontinued forever in order to make room for new exciting flavours.

Simba to discontinue one of their principal flavours 

As of March 2021, Pepsico, the mother company that makes both Simba Chips and Lays, decided to collaborate with their customers about which flavour to discontinue. Chips fans are being encouraged to put their money where their mouths are and buy the flavour they want to save. They will ultimately will have to choose between Salt & Vinegar, Cheese and Onion or Simba All Gold Tomato Sauce flavour.

Simba will give consumers three months to participate before making the final decision.

The end for Salt and Vinegar lovers? 

Most comments on social media suggests that the salt and vinegar flavour is a fan-favourite.

“Thanks for my prize, Simba,” said one social media user on Twitter. “Also, you should know your salt and vinegar flavour is life, it must be saved from this endangered list of yours!”

Others are not so sure.

“If you discontinue Cheese and Onion I will start protesting,” said another.

As of last year, Pepsico had salt and vinegar fans up in arms when they discontinued Lays salt and vinegar flavour. It wasn’t long after when South Africans launched a petition to try and get salt and vinegar lays back on the shelves. At the time Pepsico said South Africans preferred spicier flavours over the tangy crisps.

More flavours coming our way

According to All4Women, Simba also launched proudly South African Chakalaka and Shisanyama flavours and have plenty of ideas shared by South Africans on what chip flavours they would like to eat from their ‘Mmmzansi flavour’ campaign.