‘Lockdown’ will be streaming exclusively on Showmax. Photo: Showmax

Three binge-worthy shows to watch during the COVID-19 lockdown

If you don’t know where to start looking when it comes to onscreen entertainment, we’ve rounded up three shows to beat the lockdown blues.


‘Lockdown’ will be streaming exclusively on Showmax. Photo: Showmax

Some of us have acquired tons of extra time courtesy of the national lockdown that was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday.

With the buzzword being “stay at home”, one of the ways to keep entertained is to catch up on quality entertainment.

The South African has picked three series that are worth watching during the lockdown. 

‘Black Mirror’ 

Released at the end of 2011, Black Mirror has enjoyed a five-season run which has culminated in twenty-five prestigious awards including six Emmys for Best Television Movie. Each episode tells it’s own story of a Dystopian era where online acclimatisation is a reality.

In Striking Vipers, season five’s first episode, two men escape into a video game where one of them plays a female character. The uncanny twist is that they fall in love and pursue a romantic relationship each time they play the game.

The Smithereens episode looks at the dynamic between high-end tech apps that draw users to the point where they become addicted and almost can’t function without them. In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, society’s fascination with pop culture is dissected through the eyes of a teenager. Combined with state of the art toys, an airtight marketing strategy and crowds waiting to lap it all up, this episode has a surprisingly dark edge to it.   

Though season five has three episodes, seasons one to four have more than five each and explore themes of war, social media obsession and the psychological trauma of digital control.

Black Mirror is available on Netflix. 


‘Love is Blind’

At the beginning of February, Netflix debuted a reality show that saw ten individuals who had never met and were looking for love shacked up in one house.

The kicker was that the house was divided in two with men and women separate from each other. Every day for almost two weeks, dates would take place in rooms called pods where castmates could only hear and not see one another other.

The show formed part of a social experiment to see if strangers could fall in love without ever physically seeing each other. 

Love is Blind makes for easy and comfortable viewing. Each episode is gripping and will have you clutching your proverbial pearls as there is betrayal, broken hearts, shocking revelations from the castmates, broken engagements and eventually much-anticipated weddings. 


With a stellar and award-winning cast, Showmax’s Lockdown has proven its mettle among local dramas. Directed by Mandla N, the series has managed to maintain an upward entertaining trajectory without losing any of its grit, consuming plot and authentic storytelling.

What sets the show apart from other prison dramas is that it features a mix of experienced thespians such as Sophie Ndaba who takes on the role of a nurse, Thandeka Dawn King as Mazet, a softie with a killer instinct and Zola Nombona in the character of Monde, a once innocent inmate who has cut her teeth in a foul environment that has left her no choice but to become exactly what she feared. 

If you’re looking for an easy watch, this is not it. This is informative edutainment at it’s finest
as Lockdown examines serious social ills such as prison corruption, crime, drugs and murder.