sho madjozi

Rapping sensation Sho Madjozi. Photo: Supplied

Sho Madjozi shares struggle to get tested for COVID-19 after UK trip

Though she was exposed to a high-risk environment while in the UK, rapper Sho Madjozi was only tested days after returning from her trip.

sho madjozi

Rapping sensation Sho Madjozi. Photo: Supplied

Taking to her Twitter page, Madjozi said her efforts to find out whether she had contracted the coronavirus were at first futile because she was not showing any symptoms associated with the disease. 

It took the Huku star three days to finally get tested for COVID-19 and another five days to receive her results after she returned from a trip to the United Kingdom (UK) which has 8 000 confirmed cases and more than 400 fatalities. 

Tested at private hospital

When a Twitter user alerted her to the fact that government facilities were being utilised for testing people who had come into contact with a confirmed case and were suffering from symptoms, such as coughing, a runny nose, high fever, a loss of taste or smell and body chills, Madjozi replied that she had approached a private hospital. 

“Actually all this happened at private hospitals. Believe me. It is very hard to get tested,” said the rapper. 

Laboratories struggling to meet demand

She posted a letter sent to her by Lancet Laboratories. 

“Requests for COVID-19 testing are placing extreme pressure on our member laboratory’s resources. Worldwide demand has created bottlenecks in the supply of N95 and surgical masks,nasopharyngeal swabs, gloves and COVID-19 testing kits. 

“Our laboratories are struggling to meet demand and turnaround times due to the inconsistency in the supply of materials required to produce reliable results,” the letter read.

Sho Madjozi: ‘We have no idea how many people have the virus at the moment’

The 27-year-old said she eventually received her results and they were negative. She further advised her followers to stay at home as the country’s rate of infection rises by the day. 

“They are only testing people who are showing symptoms. Symptoms start showing two to 14 days after a person contracts it. Meaning we had 402 cases over a week ago. We have no idea how many people have the virus at the moment. No idea.”

As one of the several celebrities who had called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to effect a lockdown, Madjozi revealed her relief that he had done so. 

“Now that was a presidential address! Thank you @PresidencyZA. I believe a national lockdown will decrease the spread and reduce the time it will take to beat this crisis.

“It won’t be easy but I’m excited to do my bit to make this work! Let’s go,” she tweeted.