Seven James Bond destinations

Seven James Bond destinations that’s worth your while to visit

With 24 James Bond films under the belt, here are some of the best, most beautiful destinations 007 has visited.

Seven James Bond destinations

James Bond has travelled a lot. In over 24 films Bond has been in 49 different countries ready to snatch up a new Bond-girl.

The most travelled Bond actor was in fact Roger Moore, having travelled to 44 locations while Sean Connery travelled to 32 locations, as published by The Guardian.

If you are looking for a holiday destination why not go where the Licence to kill spy has gone?

  1. Koh Tapu, Phang-nga Bay, Phang-nga – Thailand

Also known as “James Bond Island” became a famous landmark since the Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. The island is a great place for kayaking around after enjoying the entertainment on the nearby beaches. Thailand surely has something beautiful to offer. Look at this clip to recap on the island scene:

2. London – England

It doesn’t get more ‘Bond’ than London. You have to visit London when you want the true “Bond experience”. This is the city which features MI6’s headquarters and it won’t disappoint.

There is also a lot of travelling you can do in London. If you want to go and check out Big Ben the clock tower, Buckingham Palace, London eye or St Pauls Cathedral – it’s almost like a city that never sleeps with amazing views and a lot of things to do.

England, London. View of the MI6 Headquarters.
England, London. View of the MI6 Headquarters. Credit: David Blank


3. Venice – Italy

James Bond has visited Venice three times over the course of 24 films. 1963’s movie From Russia with Love, 1979’s Moonraker and 2006’s film Casino Royale all featured the beautiful and rustic city of Venice.

Approaching the waterways by boat or Gondola and admiring the architecture seems like a thing a dangerous gentleman like Bond would want to do.

Grand Canal View On Santa Maria Della Salute And Boats
Grand Canal View On Santa Maria Della Salute And Boats – Venice




4. Rome – Italy

In Rome you do ‘as the Romans do!’

In the new film Spectre, Bond pays a visit to the capital of Italy, Rome. This is the first time 007 visited the Eternal City.

Lee Martin told The Telegraph that in Rome, classical ruins and early Christian places of worship stand next to – or lie beneath – Renaissance palazzos and Baroque fountains. “For me the main draw will always be the pulsating energy of a place which lives life as a form of theatre.”

Only Bond knows how to find the best hotels, bars and other attractions and Rome surely can provide this and more if you want to take a holiday there sometime soon.

Low Angle View Of Trevi Fountain - Rome
Low Angle View Of Trevi Fountain – Rome


Sunset in Rome
Sunset in Rome


5. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Bond has visited South America two times, when Roger Moore visited Rio de Janeiro in Moonraker and up on the Amazon River towards Drax’s secret facility in the Amazon jungle.

Surely Bond wouldn’t have minded to stay and have a vacation in Brazil? Brazil is famous for its carnivals, lively streets and festivities. Now that’s a holi-holiday!

Sunrise at Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro
Sunrise at Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro



6. Lake Como – Italy

Another Casino Royale film setting. Lake Como is a place to relax and take in the scenery. Bond stayed in the Lakefront Villa – which is set right on the side of the lake.

Many celebrities travel to Lake Como to unwind why shouldn’t you?

Lake Como, view from Carate Urio
Lake Como, view from Carate Urio



7. Istanbul – Turkey

James Bond has visited Istanbul three times since the first Bond movie, Dr No. Most recently Istanbul featured in Skyfall.

Istanbul features a lot of architecture such as mosques as well as bazaars and Turkish baths which will keep you occupied during your trip.

Image source: Getty Images