School Ties

‘School Ties’ producer opens up about the series. Image: supplied

‘School Ties’: Where to watch docuseries in South Africa

‘School Ties’ dives into the sexual misconduct that takes place in South Africa’s most elite boys’ schools and is often hidden.

School Ties

‘School Ties’ producer opens up about the series. Image: supplied

A new docuseries titled School Ties will be coming to South African screens this May – here’s where to watch.


School Ties is a ground-breaking documentary series uncovering the grooming and sexual abuse of learners at some of South Africa’s most prominent, prestigious boys’ schools. The docuseries will be released in four parts, starting on Thursday, 16 May at 21:00. South Africans can catch the docuseries on M-Net (DStv channel 101).

School Ties is produced by DevilsdopSteinheist and Convict Conman producers IdeaCandy. The docuseries uncovers the truth behind grooming and abuse in schools across the country, the aftermath and what government, schools and society are doing to stop abuse in its tracks.

M-Net has shared a teaser of the series so far, but more information on the docuseries is to come. So, what will the docuseries dive into?


School Ties looks into some of the country’s most prestigious schools, where sexual misconduct is often hidden. So, the perpetrators have gotten away with the sexual abuse for years, leaving behind harmed boys. The synopsis notes that the perpetrators are sometimes sports coaches in South Africa’s most elite boys’ schools. However, the names of the schools have not yet been revealed.

School Ties is a four-part docuseries that explores grooming and sexual abuse by sports coaches at South Africa’s elite boys’ schools. While virtually all schools in the country will grapple with sexual misconduct at some point, abuse that happens in the most prestigious schools tends to be well hidden,” reads the synopsis of the series.

“And has perpetrators who therefore get away with it for many years – leaving many harmed boys in their wake,” reads the synopsis of the series.

The teaser opens with a ball in a pool, then cuts to a bird’s eye view of a school, followed by a shadow of a man and a boy reflected in the pool. There is then a clip of a boy’s legs dangling in the pool, while a voice-over paints the photo of the sexual abuse that allegedly took place in the school.

“He was going out of his way to make those parents feel like he was important to their son’s success. He was in communication with many boys,” said a woman’s voice in the teaser.

Take a look at the teaser below, shared on 19 April…

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