SASSA grants

There’s an uncertain future for SASSA grants if the ANC is not reelected. Here’s why … Image: File

‘SASSA grants no substitute for jobs’, say opposition parties

With the 2024 General Elections just eight weeks away, what will happen to SASSA grants if the ANC is ousted from government?

SASSA grants

There’s an uncertain future for SASSA grants if the ANC is not reelected. Here’s why … Image: File

With the 2024 General Elections just eight weeks away, the future of SASSA grants looks uncertain if the ANC is ousted from power. GroundUp compiled a fascinating story about what each political party would do different if and when in power. Here’s what the South African Social Security Agency could look like beyond 2024 …


Opposition parties would handle SASSA grants differently. Image: File

When it comes to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, first introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democratic Alliance has a plan. The opposition party says SRD should not be extended, but rather converted into Job Seekers Grant. Therefore, it would require proof that recipients are actively seeking work and unable to find any. Likewise, the DA opposes any tax increases to fund it and will focus on spending efficiencies and public-sector support.

The Freedom Front Plus wants to end SRD altogether, adding that only old age, disability and childcare grants should continue. Moreover, these core grants should rather be increased, while SRD recipients becomes financially independent jobseekers.

ActionSA says it will continue to support the most vulnerable in Mzansi. However, it will do so by replacing SRD with its proposed Universal Basic Income Stimulus (UBIS). Similarly, RISE Mzansi believes SASSA grants like SRD should be phased out over the next year. The party says the R370 is insufficient, unsustainable and is a poor substitute for meaningful jobs.


SASSA grants
Eliminate SASSA grants that are wasteful and pay more for the ones that matter most. Image: File

When asked whether it would increase or decrease SASSA grants, the DA said the following. The Child Support grant should be increased to the same level as the official food poverty line. Therefore, it would increase from R530 to R760 – an extra R230 per month.

Moreover, the DA says it is ANC corruption that’s the biggest threat to the sustainability of social grants overall. Only a government with sound financial management can protect the billions needed to sustain social grants. Furthermore, the DA believes an additional R39.6-billion in funding per year could be secured if corruption, waste and bad governance was eliminated.


SASSA grants
Opposition parties feel SASSA grants should keep pace with inflation. Image: File

On the other hand, FF Plus says old-age, disability and childcare grants should all be increased. However, some should be replaced by a voucher-based system. It believes the need for old age and childcare grants will become less when wealth is created by economic growth and job creation.

Finally, RISE Mzansi says it will maintain the existing SASSA grants (minus SRD). Critically, it will increase their value with inflation. It says the measure of a successful government is fewer citizens needing access to social grants over time.


SASSA grants
People queue for SASSA grants. Image: File

Overall, it is clear that South Africa’s opposition parties are all in agreement that the ANC’s ‘pro-poor policies’ are not working. SASSA grants and other forms of social welfare are no substitute for actual jobs. However, welfare does remain necessary to protect the most vulnerable in society from the threat of extreme poverty.

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