SASSA Childcare Grant increases

Here’s the latest on SASSA Childcare Grant increases this month (April 2024). Image: File

Latest on SASSA Childcare Grant increases from this month

The first week of April 2024 will see welcome SASSA Childcare Grant increases come into effect. Here’s what child carers need to know …

SASSA Childcare Grant increases

Here’s the latest on SASSA Childcare Grant increases this month (April 2024). Image: File

If you already receive a South African Social Security Agency disbursement, you’ll be happy to know that SASSA Childcare Grant increases are on the way this week. According to Government News, the following SASSA Childcare Grant increases will be paid on Thursday 4 April 2024.


After the Easter long weekend, child carers will look forward to this week’s SASSA payments. Image: File

Following nominal increases coming into effect this week, here’s what each of the SASSA Childcare Grants will payout:  

  • SASSA Childcare Dependency Grant rises to R2 180. This will increase to R2 190 in October 2024.
  • SASSA Foster Care Grant increases to R1 180.
  • SASSA Child Support Grant goes up to R530.


SASSA Childcare Grant increases
Don’t forget these SASSA Childcare Grant increases in April 2024. Image: File

As you may know, there are three different SASSA Childcare Grants to choose from if you have a child/children in your care and need financial assistance. SASSA’s care for vulnerable children is some of the most comprehensive on the continent with nearly 14-million beneficiaries paid across the three grants each month.


South Africa has one of the most robust social grant systems in Africa. Image: File

The best SASSA Childcare Grant for you depends on various factors. A child in your care must be under the age of 18. And assistance is given not just to biological parents, but also to guardians, custodians and foster parents.

Therefore, a SASSA Care Dependency Grant is aimed at permanently disabled children with mental or physical disabilities who require at-home care. You should think of it as a Disability Grant for anyone younger than 18-years of age. Currently, 150 000 beneficiaries receive this grant monthly.  


Visit a SASSA branch/office to secure your government grant. Image: Gallo Images/Alet Pretorius

Then there is the SASSA Child Support Grant which helps destitute families of low-income households who struggle to keep food on the table. Only those who are primary caregivers qualify and the child/children must live permanently in the home. As of this week, Child Support will pay R530 to roughly 13-million recipients.

The agency stipulates that you cannot have Child Support and any other childcare grant running together. From April 2024 the SASSA Foster Care Grant will increase to R1 180. There are approximately 250 000 beneficiaries for this one. And you must be a court-appointed foster parent of the child/children in question to qualify.

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