Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry, or you may miss the best way to hack Christmas shopping this year

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It’s that time of year again when kids get tangled in tinsel and trimmings, families gather in moments of glee and unwrap presents under the Christmas tree. Far from my family, I will be sitting in a pub enjoying a roast and sipping on a brew along with other homesick South Africans, longing for the hot summer sunsets, sun on our faces and hearty family gatherings.

On the bus heading home from work, I find myself leaning against the window in an effort to rest, but instead start daydreaming of what fun the festive season holds for my family and friends back home in SA. Stepping off the bus into the already pitch dark night didn’t help my melancholy mood. I continued to reminisce as I began an evening stroll down the high street, peering into the shop windows and somewhat enjoying the plenty Christmas lights. Mostly I was thinking about those cheeky freckled faces of my younger cousins who I want to play Santa to this Christmas. How am I — all the way in the UK — going to ensure Christmas morning isn’t a disappointment?

With November already showing signs that the holiday hustle and bustle has commenced, I for one won’t be feeling the festive ‘gees’ if it means spending hours in the queues and chaos that comes with christmas shopping.Then there’s the South African strike induced postal saga which I intend on avoiding at all costs. Can you imagine the look of horror on my cousins’ faces if their gifts don’t arrive on time, or at all, for that matter! What does Father Christmas have to do with the post office anyway? I can just hear them scolding.

So Santa will have to find another route to get the gifts to the rascals on time, and that’s when I started searching the web for an alternative. Stumbling across the bidorbuy website is when my journey of online-savvy-gifting-abroad began.

bidorbuy is an online trade platform for wholesalers who sell all sorts of products like antiques and collectables, books, gaming, fashion, lifestyle and educational toys. When you browse the cyber shelves of toys on, you too will find yourself spoilt for choice because you can select from over 120,000 toys.

Here’s what I chose for the little rascals:


Teddy bears are always a winner
Teddy bears are always a winner
What kid could resist a railway model
The new kids on the block from the movie Frozen


bidorbuy is my solution to making sure that presents won’t get lost; the family is happy and that there’s something for everyone.

Happy shopping this Christmas, good luck in your search…