SA high school goes viral with

Photo: YouTube/Hoërskool Rustenburg

SA high school goes viral with Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ [video]

Watch as the Rustenburg High School put their very own unique interpretation on Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’.

SA high school goes viral with

Photo: YouTube/Hoërskool Rustenburg

Rustenburg High School, situated in the North West Province, recently took Coldplay’s popular 2005 hit Fix You and put their own spin on it.

The video posted on YouTube on 14 September 2020 quickly garnered views. Along with the video, the school wrote:

“May this youthful rendition of Coldplay’s Fix You be a light to guide us, a melody to uplift us and a timely reminder that hope is never lost”.

It is said that the rendition was shot at the Woodstock farm in Rustenburg under the supervision of Madeleen Koch, Lize Meyer, Wouter Bakker, and Davilene Bakker. Meanwhile, it is reported that the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s conductor, Ralf Schmitt, was the producer of the video.

Rustenburg High School: Fix You

Going viral

Schmitt was also responsible for that Bohemian Rhapsody video doing the rounds on social media last year. The South African reported that the Rustenburg High School Choir put their very own unique choral interpretation on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody after which it quickly went viral with over 300 000 views on YouTube (as of September 2020).

“Absolutely Brilliant,” said one social media user on Facebook. “The production team, the band, the video editing this is international well done!!”

Others mean that this performance was entirely on another level:

“This is absolutely fantastic! Everything, from the performance, directing, production, editing, the talent and hard work from these students. Bloody amazing! Well done to everyone involved. Expert level.”

Others hope this isn’t the last video that we’ll see from them:

“This is absolutely stunning and a work of class. WOW, Rustenburg Rocks. Brilliant performance and video presentation. Hope you get an opportunity to perform overseas!”

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Some believe this is the best version of Bohemian Rhapsody they’ve ever heard:

“I have heard many versions of this song. This school blows it out of the water. Congratulations. I hope you get great recognition for this. You guys rock.”

“You beautiful, talented kids! That’s the best cover I think I’ve ever heard!”

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