alarm clock What is your wake up time

What is your wake up time? Photo: Adobe Stock

SA early risers: What is average wake-up time around the world?

It’s interesting to note that statistics reveal that South Africans, on average, wake up earlier than most other people around the world.

alarm clock What is your wake up time

What is your wake up time? Photo: Adobe Stock

What time do you wake up in the morning? It’s an interesting question for most South Africans, who rise at different times based on a variety of reasons, from work to family responsibilities.

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Interestingly, when compared to many countries around the world, South Africa leads the way when it comes to the average wake up time in the morning, with the World of Statistics suggesting many rise around 6:24am.

This wake up time leads the way compared to the likes of Australia (7:13am), United States (7:20am) and France (7:51am).

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South Africans generally have an early wake up time

South Africa – 6:24 AM

Colombia – 6:31 AM

Costa Rica – 6:38 AM

Indonesia – 6:55 AM

Japan – 7:09 AM

Mexico – 7:09 AM

Australia – 7:13 AM

United States – 7:20 AM

Sweden – 7:21 AM

Germany – 7:25 AM

Philippines – 7:28 AM

Brazil – 7:31 AM

Canada – 7:33 AM

United Kingdom – 7:33 AM

India – 7:36 AM

South Korea – 7:38 AM

Malaysia – 7:41 AM

China – 7:42 AM

UAE – 7:43 AM

France – 7:51 AM

Italy – 7:52 AM

Türkiye – 8:02 AM

Spain – 8:05 AM

Saudi Arabia – 8:27 AM

Interesting information provided by World of Statistics

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