Johannes Radebe the queen

Johannes Radebe impresses The Queen. Image: Screengrab/ Instagram/Johannes Radebe

WATCH: SA dancer Johannes Radebe impresses Queen Camilla!

Strictly Come Dancing’s Johannes Radebe, from South Africa, impressed Queen Camilla at a dance class where he works as a volunteer teacher.

Johannes Radebe the queen

Johannes Radebe impresses The Queen. Image: Screengrab/ Instagram/Johannes Radebe

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Johannes Radebe, from South Africa, met Queen Camilla, showing off his skills as a teacher and dancer.

The professional South African dancer who stars in Britain’s Strictly Come Dancing learned a few things about Queen Camilla.

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On Friday, 2 February, Her Majesty Queen Camilla visited The Meadows Community Centre outside Cambridge.

The new facility runs a number of classes ranging from dance, exercise and performing arts to painting and quilting.

The centre is supported by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), which is one of Britain’s largest volunteering charities.

Its volunteers support the NHS and thousands of vulnerable people in the community.

Queen Camilla has been President of the RVS since 2012.

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The Queen toured the new centre, observing activities and meeting volunteers.

During the visit, she watched a beginner’s dance class hosted by Royal Voluntary Service supporters Johannes Radebe and Tasha Ghouri.

Her comments reveal that the Queen is indeed a fan of the show and of dancing too.

Camilla told Radebe that she enjoyed watching the show, “I’m one of Strictly’s greatest fans!” she said, per Royal Family Channel.

As such, Radebe was surprised but clearly very impressed at her admission. He said, “I’m still beside myself that you watch Strictly Come Dancing!”

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Radebe, known to colleagues as “Jojo”, gifted the Queen a pair of tap dancing shoes.

After revealing that she loves the weekly dance show, Queen Camilla said that dancing is something that she might consider doing. She said, “Perhaps in my dotage, it is something I should take up.”


After watching Radebe’s dance class and seeing how people enjoyed it, the Queen said that she believes that dancing is a great way for everyone to exercise.

“Having seen everybody here today dancing away happily, it’s (clearly) the best exercise for everybody. It’s a wonderful way of enjoying yourself.” She said.

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Radebe was born in the Free State in April 1987.

He began his career as a dance teacher in Johannesburg before spending seven years dancing on cruise ships.

Radebe was also a professional dancer on South Africa’s version of Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, and then also in Dancing With The Stars.

In 2018, the BBC announced that Radebe would join the cast of professional dancers on Britain’s version of Strictly Come Dancing.

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