Bride wedding rsvp

This bride wants her friend to pay up after not pitching. Image via Unsplash

SA bride demands friend pay R1.5k for RSVP’ing and not pitching

Tweeps are having a big debate about a local bride demanding R1500 from a friend who RSVP’d for her wedding but didn’t pitch.

Bride wedding rsvp

This bride wants her friend to pay up after not pitching. Image via Unsplash

South African Twitter users have found themselves in a big debate after a woman shared how her friend is demanding to be reimbursed for her wedding costs after she RSVP’d yes but didn’t show up. A screenshot of the disgruntled bride asking that R1500 be sent to her left many people debating whether or not the demand was bizarre or not — especially since she spent that same amount catering for someone who didn’t bother to show up.

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Big debate as bride demands R1500 from guest who didn’t pitch

Planning and executing the perfect wedding comes with lots of hard work, and sometimes even tears on the bride-to-be’s behalf. This is because most brides — and grooms — want their special day to be exactly that — special.

Naturally with the chase for perfection, comes a whole lot of drama, especially when people don’t stick to their promises.

wedding expensive rsvp bride
Weddings can be pretty stressful. Image via Unsplash

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One internet bride has caused a big debate after asking her friend to fork up R1500 to cover the cost of her seat at the wedding because she RSVP’d yes but decided not to come costing the bride R1500 for a guest who just didn’t pitch.

A screenshot of the conversation was shared on Twitter by a user with the handle @lingdeeyoh. Take a look:

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Mzansi shares mixed reactions

The post garnered mixed reactions from locals who either said the bride’s demand is justifiable or that she is absolutely out of her mind. Take a look at some of their comments below:

@95_lioness said:

“I wouldn’t say it’s the same thing. The friend definitely should have explained why she didn’t go, it’s actually very rude that she didn’t but to pay up? The bride wa hlanya.”

@Sphoza_01 said:

“I can decide in the morning that I’m no longer attending your wedding and im not gonna pay for anything. I’m not crazy, I just have anxiety.”

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