SA answers: The most valuable

SA answers: The most valuable things they’ve learned from any other race

The popular Joburger Facebook page asked South Africans to share the most valuable things they’ve learned from any other race. Here’s how SA responded:

SA answers: The most valuable

South Africans answered more questions in another Q&A “session” on the Facebook page, Joburger who’s aim is to unite all South Africans.

The man behind the Joburger page, Louwrence van Niekerk, a 23-year-old South African living in London, asked white, black and Indian people to share the valuable things they’ve learnt from any other race, and here are some of the top comments:

White People, What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt from any different race?

Jane Glaister Lait commented: “I learned that no matter how black people have struggled, they still have an innate joy, sense of community and have great sense of humor that I love.”

Noel Boshoff learnt to “never complain at a KFC before you get your food”.

Florence Bester said: “I was taught by a black lady how to tie my baby on my back with a beach towel, she was asleep in 30 seconds.”

Linda Bekker van Wyk: “I learnt that however little you have there is always enough to share.”

Doreen Pelser said she learned how to share form black people. “I am always amazed at how the children would play together and share sweets and toys. And how the bigger ones will look after the smaller ones. I have also learned to chill! Sometimes you just need to get on Africa’s beat. And o yes! And that some food tastes better when eaten with your hands.”

Sands Brodie said: “I have many Indian friends. And what I’ve learnt from them is that their kitchen is always open. From my black friends, family is everything. From my coloured friends, we are one big family. From my white friends, you are not alone in this world.”

Lise Victor: “From my black girl friends…..importance of sisterhood. I’ve always been a bit of a one friend kinda gal. No words can express the amount of emotional support and strenght they gave me when i was at my lowest. It taught me the importance of woman being there for one another.”

Margaret Nel: “From Black people: Never be ashamed of your body, no matter the shape or size of it. Rock your look! From Indians (Hindu) : Accept and respect other people’s religion.”

Carl Dominic Durow said: “Africans have taught me not to take myself so seriously. They love standing together and unity comes easily. Family is also priority and the elderly are taken care of. They have exceptional tenacity and soldier on through the most adverse conditions that will make us whitey’s break!!” 

Brittany Margeret Meyer: “That we don’t season our food enough.” 

Black People, What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt from any different race?

Mabuyi Ndlela said: “PRIORITIES!!!!! Investing in property and saving for kids’ education is more important than expensive cars and clothes. Stop spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need, to impress people who don’t care!!!”

Mabuyi Ndlela: White people dude. Those people will buy clothes at pick n pay, drive an old car but their kids’ education funds are saved from the time the pregnancy test shows two lines and they have homes to die for. Then it’s totally the opposite with us. Once we have a bit of cash, we want the latest car, the very best clothing brand but come varsity time, our child is standing at the NSFAS queue.”

Sbusiso Ncube: “I’ve learned that not all white people are R a c i s t s..”

Tshepang Hlongwane commented by saying: “I learned that a fancy English accent doesn’t mean intelligence. So I stopped bettering my accent and improved my vocabulary instead. lol”

Mzwandile Mdluli said white people believe hard in South Africa’s success and well being. “No matter how hard they criticised by black people they keep calm and keep doing what they feel is best. Your hearts and courage is bigger than you can comprehend. Biggup.”

Lesego Belle Rampagane: “I have learned to look people in the eye when talking to them as it comes across as being confident. I learned this from white people.”

Alukhethi Mukololo Wa Netshidzivhe: “You can live with one hairstyle your whole life…from white people.”

Phunyuka Bvuma-Ngwenya said: “I learned the importance of being on time for appointments from Whites, the importance of hardworking from Indians (Asians) and the importance of telling as is from the coloureds [sic].”

Queen MaNtshangase: “White People COMPLAAAAIN ! They ask for the manager NOW!!!!! I do it too now.”

Nomakhosazana Kamana: “10 people can fit in a Golf. I learnt that from coloureds.” 

Indian People, What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt from any different race?

Saiyuri Pillay commented: “You won’t die if you pay the original price for something. Heart attack, maybe. But that’s about it.”

Claude Moodley: “From black peeps, greet first, find out how they are and then ask your question otherwise prepare to be ignored.”

Amanda Venessa Jugdeo: “White people are extremely generous always giving to charity.”

Yashka Singh: “From black people: that their women continue to be the Earth’s strongest people considering the reality of triple oppression. They’ve taught me to fight against what i perceive to be wrong. From white people: to be more independent and realize that you shouldn’t blindly follow everything your family says just because that’s how it has always been.”

Maseeha Rahim: “I love how black people will receive something with both hands and they have so much respect for elders.”

Ryan Moonsamy: “Compassion and no judgement. Tell your problem to an indian and the whole district comes to know. Tell your problem to a black and theyl [sic] ask what they can do to help. I tell my problem to my boss which is a black female and shes compassionate beyond measure. I get my hugs to say its gona be ok and it usually is ok. Major respect and i Salute miss zulu.”

Junaid Hussein: “I learned to never eat nice food in public from black people. Its a compassion thing. U never know who is starving and wishing for your food.”

Shanelle Sigamoney: “You actually don’t need to invite unnecessary people to your wedding to please your mother etc. I’m not married, but I sure will invite close relatives, just like how White people do it.”

Cheryl Hiraman Naidoo commented and said: “From white people. I have learnt not to be a submissive woman. To stand up for my right, demand equality. Taught me the value of reading.”

Junaid Hussein said: “I learned contentment from coloured people. u can still smile as big as the sun if all u got is a pack of gwaais and a vetkoek.”