crocodiles NSPCA Limpopo

Robert Irwin recently had a worrying encounter with one of Australia Zoo’s saltwater crocodiles, Casper. Image via Twitter @RobertIrwin

Like father like son: Steve Irwin’s son narrowly escapes 350kg croc! [watch]

Crikey! Saltwater crocodile Casper dodged a juicy chunk of meat and went for the late crocodile hunter’s son, Robert Irwin, instead…

crocodiles NSPCA Limpopo

Robert Irwin recently had a worrying encounter with one of Australia Zoo’s saltwater crocodiles, Casper. Image via Twitter @RobertIrwin

The apple did not fall far from the tree when it comes to Steve Irwin’s son, Robert…He shares his fearlessness and deep passion and love for animals with his late father, nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter”.

On 4 September 2006, Australian zookeeper, conservationist, environmentalist and television personality Steve Irwin died after being accidentally pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming in the Great Barrier Reef.

Now his teenage son, who is an ambitious 18-year-old wildlife photographer, had a scary encounter with an “aggressive” 350kg saltwater crocodile named Casper at the Australia Zoo.

Instead of going for the chunk of meat given to him by Robert, Casper went straight for Robert instead and the 18-year-old was forced to run out of the encounter.

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According to the DailyMail, Casper is one of two leucistic saltwater crocodiles at the Australia Zoo. Leucism is an abnormal condition that affects the pigmentation of certain animals and, as a result, the animals are quite pale.

Casper, who weighs 350kg, is described as “one of the most aggressive crocodiles” at the Australian Zoo. Casper lives in his enclosure with his “girlfriend” Wendy, another crocodile with leucism. 



While filming an episode of their hit Animal Planet television series, Crikey! It’s The Irwins, Robert shared on 5 February that it was his first time feeding Casper in his enclosure. Three weeks prior, Casper was moved from the Crocoseum at the Australia Zoo to a new enclosure because he was getting too “territorial”. Irwin added that Casper seemed to be enjoying his new space.

The Crocoseum was a part of the zoo where animal lovers can see the crocs in clear water ponds.

“Casper’s gonna be the new star of the midday croc show,” says 18-year-old Robert in a clip he shared on Instagram.

To test that Casper was settling well into his enclosure, Irwin mentioned that if the croc was coming out of the water in big strikes, he would be ready for a show at the Corcoseam. 

Robert jumps into the enclosure to feed Casper and wanted to see a “nice big reaction” from him. 

Casper lunged out of the water and instead of going for the chunk of meat, he went for Robert instead! The 18-year-old quickly dashed out of the enclosure yelling: “Bail!”.


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The video was reposted by Animal Planet on Twitter and many were scared for Robert. One tweep mentioned that they were shouting “Run Robert Run!” at their television. 

“It is so awesome to see Irwin’s son following in his father’s footsteps,” wrote another tweep. 

“I know that he knows what he’s doing, but it always scares me.. I still see him as a young boy.”