Read: Nine South Africans who

Read: Nine South Africans who made it onto the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 young entrepreneur list

Last month, the influential magazine unveiled its 30 Under 30 young African entrepreneurs for this year.

Read: Nine South Africans who

The list celebrates people who prove themselves to be up-and-coming small business leaders who are making an impact on the African continent and the world.

Apart from young moguls hailing from Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list also celebrates a number of rising South African business leaders.

Forbes journalist, Ancillar Mangena told the Okayplayer website how the list was formulated this year:

 “[The] list celebrates young Africans who are working hard to turn the continent’s fortune.”

The release of the list during the same month as the commemoration of the 1976 student revolt against apartheid was not incidental.

Releasing the names during South Africa’s Youth Month, Mangena said, “[Like] the youth of 1976 fought for political freedom, these under 30s are fighting for financial freedom. As we like to call them, they are the billionaires of tomorrow.”

Considered a breakthrough year, 2017’s list is said to be more representative and includes a more diverse selection of people from countries like Rwanda and Namibia, and features a lot more women than in previous years.

The South Africans featuring on the magazine’s list, now in its sixth year of publication, are:

  1. Khethi Ngwenya, 26, School Media
  2. Lulo Rubushe, 23, RNDM
  3. Thato Kgatlhanye, 24, ‎Rethaka
  4. Sibusiso Ngwenya, 25, Skinny Sbu Socks
  5. Allegro Dinkwanyane, 27, Orgella Media
  6. Corbyn Munnik, 26, Sliide
  7. Rupert Weterings, 28, Allied Insurance Brokers
  8. Jennifer Glodik, 29, Diva Slimming and Aesthetics Centre
  9. Rushil Vallabh, 29, Secha Capital

“These 30 are not waiting for anyone to offer them a job,” said Mangena, “they are creating the jobs and building global brands. The people featured are in diverse industries from manufacturing to import and export, fashion, beauty, agriculture, tech and many more… these are the bright shining stars in Africa. You may not know their names now but you will be forced to in a few years.”