Spacious bedroom with artworks

Photo: Envato Elements

How to make the best of your guest room

Here are some tips for how you could spruce up your guest bedroom to make sure that your guests feel right at home.

Spacious bedroom with artworks

Photo: Envato Elements

Preparing for and hosting house guests can be a very enjoyable experience. There’s something satisfying about helping your visitors feel especially welcome and comfortable.

When entertaining guests, having them sleep over is always a better option than driving back to their own homes through the night.

Upgrade the bedding

Cropped image of a hotel maid changing bed sheet
Photo: Envato Elements

Beyond clean bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens and comfort items. The bed is the deal-breaker for guests; the more inviting it is, the more inclined they are to stay (though hopefully not forever!). Outfit it with clean and crisp sheets and accessorize with a mix of pillows in different patterns and sizes. Toss on an accent throw for that effortless final touch.

Depersonalise the space

Clear the decks and keep surfaces clutter-free. Resist the temptation to put your beautiful collection of dolls on the dresser or fill the closet with out-of-season clothes. Keep personal effects and delicate tchotchkes to a minimum—you don’t want to share too much, plus it gives your guests the freedom to make themselves at home with their own personal items.

In a guest room, less is more; more space, more comfortable, and more welcoming. Get rid of anything that you would not find in the room of a fine hotel. Keep only the most useful items in the room, like a clock and calendar.

Be smart about storage

Next to keeping the room clutter free is making sure that there is enough storage. There is such a thing as sleeping with too many pillows or not having enough towels, so you should consider how functional and convenient to make this for your guests.

Framed canvas prints on a white wall above a cozy twin bed with pillows and blankets in a hipster teenager bedroom interior with leaves wallpaper

To make things stress-free, keep a basket in the bedroom and bathroom for storing the extra pillows and towels.

Create a corner nook

Privacy is key for a guest bedroom, and a thoughtful way to let your guests know that your space is theirs is by designating a corner in the room for leisure.

Whether it’s for catching up on the latest best seller, taking personal calls, or just enjoying some alone time, a cozy yet cool chair, pillow, and side table are all you need to make this moment in the room stand out to your visitors.

Stock the space with necessities

You usually stock the guest-room with necessities if you know that you’ll have sleepovers. Unexpected sleepovers usually leave the guests worried about having their towels, wash cloths, toothbrush etc. Cover their bases by stocking dresser drawers with a few travel-size essentials.

The list of things you need to provide your guests with goes on and on, but they are very simple and logical to provide. By thinking of what you would like to find in a hotel room, you’ll be on your way to creating a perfect guest room.