Plan well and get those dishes

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Plan well and get those dishes done! Ergonomics in the scullery

You can transform your scullery into a space that is not only decorative, but also functional with these ergonomics:

Plan well and get those dishes

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Even though the scullery is a place for washing dishes or doing laundry, this sometimes dull or boring space can actually be put to better use for you and your family. Apart from making sure to always use a PIRB registered plumber, there are ergonomics to keep in mind when kick starting your scullery renovation journey.

Renovating your scullery | Get the Ergonomics right

In the world of design, your kitchen and scullery are the two areas that most benefit from ergonomics.

“Ergonomics analyses the relationship between the human body and the objects we use and the spaces we live and work in, in order to optimise movements and avoid unnatural postures that could be harmful to our health,” writes snaidero. “In the home, the kitchen (and the scullery) is an area that most benefits from ergonomics. It ensures ease of use and allows you to move comfortably in the space based on your physical requirements and habits.”

Richard Bailie, our expert from the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB), shared his best tips when it comes to transforming your scullery to better suit your needs. He also alluded to basic ergonomic rules that you can focus on when getting started on this renovation:

1.It is important to stick to your design from the get-go as there are a lot of plumbing aspects to consider when it comes to a scullery.

“A well-thought-out pipe network ensures proper functionality, whereas a patchwork of pipes often result in non-performance,” states Richard. “A PIRB registered plumber should therefore be well aware of the requirements and follow them. Scullery waste pipes are often the most prone to blockages in any home due to the nature of the wastewater. Pipes that have been properly selected and installed should not block easily, and should be easy to access should maintenance become necessary.”

Remember to ask your PIRB registered plumber for a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) which must be issued to the relevant owner within five working days of the completion of the said plumbing works. 

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2. Get the height of your sink correct – there’s nothing like hurting your back when washing dishes. It is believed that a slightly raised sink ensures ergonomic comfort.

3. Consider stacking your washing machine and dryer in the scullery to maximise the use of space and to improve the ergonomics of using these appliances.

“Think about the movement within the space, and perhaps the movement of more than one person simultaneously,” Richard explains further. “Try to group appliances and stations so that the person washing dishes is not in the way of the person loading laundry, and visa-versa. This includes giving thought to where consumables are kept.”

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4. Make sure to calculate the space required to fully open the doors of appliances in the scullery. Dishwashers and washing machines require a lot of space as you need to be able to stand in front or to one side of them.

5. As the scullery is in most cases situated in a “secret corner” where most dishes can be hidden from guests if you do not feel like washing them immediately, it is crucial to make sure there is good lighting. As an expert on the subject of lighting in the kitchen, pantry or scullery, Jan Lombaard added that when it comes to lighting your scullery you must make sure to use bright light that is not “too harsh due to the functionality of sculleries”. The suggestion is to consider making use of spotlights as the lights can be directed to exactly where it needs to be.


To kick start your scullery renovation journey, make sure you ask for a professional PIRB registered plumber and a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) today!. To get in touch with a competent PIRB registered plumber, contact the PIRB at 0861 747 275 or 012 654 8245 or send an email to Alternatively, visit the PIRB’s website at and look for the block that states: “Is your plumber from a PIRB Plumbing Company? Find one today!”.

If you are a plumber who has not registered with the PIRB yet, please click here to register.