Choosing the right neighbourhood: Image: Supplied

Choosing the right neighbourhood

Empower your real estate property journey with HUNT Properties, focus strategically and ensure profitable decisions and satisfying results.


Choosing the right neighbourhood: Image: Supplied

Article written by Ryan Hunt from HUNT Properties, our contributing expert on the South African property market.

Navigate the property market with ease, thanks to insights from HUNT Properties. Discover how to pinpoint the most promising real estate opportunities, making your investment both savvy and fruitful. 

Identifying Up-and-Coming Areas

  • What to Do: Look for neighbourhoods where there’s a buzz of construction or renovations.
  • Why: These activities indicate an area is on the upswing, attracting interest and investment.
  • Takeaway: Target areas where growth is visible. Investing in a neighbourhood that’s gaining popularity can lead to significant value appreciation over time.
  • What to Do: Monitor changes in prices and the number of homes being sold.
  • Why: Rising prices and active sales signal a strong and desirable market.
  • Takeaway: Choose an area with consistent growth in property values and sales. It’s a sign that the neighbourhood is in demand and a good place to invest.

Assessing Property Availability

  • What to Do: Check the number of homes for sale in the area.
  • Why: A lower number of listings often means the area is sought after, potentially driving up property values.
  • Takeaway: Investing in a neighbourhood with limited property listings can be a smart move, as high demand and low supply can increase home prices.

Evaluating Access and Convenience

  • What to Do: Consider how close the property is to essential services, public transport, and main roads.
  • Why: Properties in accessible locations are more appealing and tend to hold or increase their value better.
  • Takeaway: Look for homes in well-connected areas. Ease of access to amenities and transport links can significantly affect property value.

Researching Local Governance and Amenities

  • What to Do: Investigate the quality of local government services and infrastructure.
  • Why: Effective local governance and good infrastructure contribute to a stable and attractive community, enhancing property values.
  • Takeaway: Choose areas with strong local services and amenities. Good governance and infrastructure can positively influence property values and quality of life.

Experiencing the Community Vibe

  • What to Do: Spend time in the area, talk to locals, and explore the neighbourhood.
  • Why: Getting a personal feel for the area helps ensure it fits your lifestyle and investment goals.
  • Takeaway: A personal connection to the neighbourhood can validate your investment decision and ensure the area meets your living or renting out expectations.

Empower your real estate journey with HUNT Properties. Focusing on these strategic areas enables you to make informed decisions that yield profitable and satisfying results. Understand the dynamics of your chosen neighbourhood to secure an investment that aligns with both your financial and lifestyle aspirations.