royal baby prince harry diary hint

Prince Harry attends the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. Photo: James Whatling / MEGA

Prince Harry: ‘Conservation is fundamental to our survival’

Prince Harry is championing the subject of conservation in an essay for the Daily Telegraph. Read what he said over here:

royal baby prince harry diary hint

Prince Harry attends the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey. Photo: James Whatling / MEGA

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Prince Harry said that conservation is fundamental to our survival and we must overcome greed, apathy and selfishness to make real progress.

The Duke of Sussex wrote an essay for the The Telegraph as he is currently in Malawi as part of a ten-day tour of Southern-Africa where he is busy visiting a conservation project.

“I’ve been lucky enough to visit this continent continually over the last 22 years, and thanks to a special group of friends ranging from veterinarians and park rangers, to scientists and safari guides – I’ve been given an incredibly unique perspective and education on some of the greatest issues facing Africa’s communities and wildlife,” Prince Harry wrote in his essay.

“In the last 10 years I have used that knowledge and advice handed down to me to meet, listen and learn from those who live in some of the world’s harshest conditions and understand what it is they so desperately need to thrive.”

The Prince also said that it is essential to “co-exist”, and learn from mistakes “to protect the world’s most valuable assets”.

Prince Harry warned of “vast ecosystems” set ablaze in Africa, communities destroyed for short-term gain, and said that a “natural order” between humans and wildlife must be restored.

“This may well sound hippy to some. But we cannot afford to have a ‘them or us’ mentality. Humans and animals and their habitats fundamentally need to co-exist or within the next 10 years our problems across the globe will become even more unmanageable.”

He added that “nature teaches us the importance of a circular system, one where nothing goes to waste and everything has a role to play.

“If we interfere with it, rather than work with it, the system will break down.”

It is not the prince’s first championing of the subject of conservation.

In the September’s edition of Vogue – edited by Meghan Markle – the prince spoke about environmental issues and his love for nature, reports the BBC.

Prince Harry in Malawi:

Prince Harry also proceeded to lay a wreath at the memorial of Guardsman Matthew Talbot who was just 22 when he lost his life earlier this year while on a joint anti-poaching mission with the British Army, the Malawian government and African Parks.

Photo: Instagram/sussexroyal

On Instagram, representatives of the duke said:

“The Counter-Poaching Operation is an on-going partnership that requires local organisations such as African Parks Network to monitor and protect wildlife from poachers, so that communities can benefit from tourism. These patrols by African Park Rangers can last between 10 hours and 8 days.

“Guardsmen Talbot was incredibly proud of his role in countering this threat and had played a huge part in the progress and success so far. The Duke laid the wreath on behalf of the Talbot family, and said he was honoured to be able to do so, as he has worked closely with park rangers in these efforts and celebrates each and every one of them as heroes.

“Often away from the public eye, many people are prepared to put themselves in harm’s way, in a bid to protect wildlife from poachers. The joint missions, with support of the local community, were established by The Duke and have proven to reduce poacher activity.”

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Prince Harry in Botswana earlier this month. Photo: Instagram/sussexroyal