pregnant Jessica Nkosi

pregnant Jessica Nkosi. Image via Instagram @jessicankosi

‘Pregnancy mask’ – Actress Jessica Nkosi blasts abusive body shaming fans

Pregnant Jessica Nkosi has opened fire to fans for body shaming and deleted all her Instagram stories later.

pregnant Jessica Nkosi

pregnant Jessica Nkosi. Image via Instagram @jessicankosi

Pregnant actress Jessica Nkosi fired shots at fans for body shaming before she deleted her Instagram stories.

A few months ago, Jessica Nkosi announced she was pregnant with her second baby. For a long time, it’s been all great news, and she even appreciated how much fans had shown her love. Many fans and fellow celebs send her congratulatory messages as she expects her second baby.

Indeed, her joy was never meant to be celebrated forever; Jessica had to face some toxic fans/haters on Instagram and Twitter. A pregnant Jessica Nkosi looks by far the Jessica Nkosi (Thando Sebata) fans had been used to watching on The Queen.

pregnant Jessica Nkosi
Jessica Nkosi. Image via Instagram @jessicankosi

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On The Queen, Jessica Nkosi never appeared pregnant as she portrayed a vivid, rich, and beautiful girl. Her looks matched her assassin character, and the hard lady instantly became a fan favourite. However, not many fans had imagined Jessica with no makeup and Camera filters. What more with the mask of pregnancy that changes both the body and the skin?


As unfair as it may sound, Jessica had taken a lot from fans who shamed her pregnancy. Despite not showing any comments or posts from fans who abused her, she had taken a lot in private.

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It seemed that the abusers bombarded her Instagram inbox, and she had to delete all the stories she had posted. To her, it looked like a lack of knowledge as she pleaded with them to go and research the effects of pregnancy. After expressing her disappointment and frustrations, pregnant Jessica Nkosi explained the effects of pregnancy to a woman.

pregnant Jessica Nkosi
Jessica Nkosi Instagram story. image via Instagram @jessicankosi

She said the body goes through many changes, and hormones go all over the show. Indeed, this is what science also says about pregnancy, the body and the skin will change in a way that no one would imagine.

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It still feels unreal to many fans who had known Jessica a few years ago when she joined the acting business. She was a young girl, and she still portrays a girl in most of her roles. However, once she gives birth, she will be a mother of two and still a wife to fellow actor Ntokozo Dlamini.

Slowly but surely, Ntokozo Dlamini and the pregnant Jessica Nkosi are cementing a solid family many never expected. As many marriages of top celebs continue to struggle, Jessica and Ntokozo at least have passed the first few years of marriage with no drama.