PRASA long-distance trains

PRASA long-distance trains, the Shosholoza Meyl, sit at JoBurg station. Picture: PRASA.

PRASA long-distance trains: How much are tickets for the holidays?

Flying is too expensive, a taxi is too dangerous, but now PRASA long-distance trains are back. Here’s how much tickets cost.

PRASA long-distance trains

PRASA long-distance trains, the Shosholoza Meyl, sit at JoBurg station. Picture: PRASA.

We reported last week on the resumption of PRASA long-distance trains in South Africa. After a two-year hiatus, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) has brought back its long-distance train services between Johannesburg and Cape Town and Durban.

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Bizarrely, however, rather than repair all its equipment, PRASA long-distance trains were rushed back into operation for the December holidays, reports TopAuto. That’s because the agency sees these long-haul corridors as a more affordable alternative than busses and taxis.  


The Shosholoza Meyl. Picture: PRASA

So, how much are PRASA long-distance trains for the holidays? Click HERE to check all the available routes and prices. Andiswa Makanda from PRASA said in a recent interview that trains will run once per week during the December and January festive season.

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We wanted to check how much one of the PRASA long-distance trains – the Shosholoza Meyl – will cost over December and here’s what the website says:

Route TimeCost
Johannesburg to Durban13h34minR170
Johannesburg to Cape Town26h10 minR430
PRASA long-distance trains
Picture: Seat61.

Although, we would urge users to expect longer times that even those. This is due to stations and railway lines potentially being vandalised and/or cable theft.

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According to the PRASA spokesperson, there are dining and entertainment coaches to keep passengers busy during the hours of travel. Frequency of trips on major routes will increase as the once-dilapidated coaches start returning from their ‘general overhaul program,’ Makanda said.

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PRASA says it has upgraded its infrastructure and services inline the latest Railway Safety Regulator standards. 286 Peace Officers have also been employed to keep law and order on the PRASA long-distance trains. There is also platform marshalling and CCTV monitoring stations along the routes.

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