picking lotto numbers

Picking lotto numbers: Are you doing it right? Picture: SA Lotto/X.

Picking LOTTO numbers in South Africa: Are you doing it RIGHT?

We explore an array of theories on picking LOTTO numbers. Because winning the jackpot would make for a perfect festive season.

picking lotto numbers

Picking lotto numbers: Are you doing it right? Picture: SA Lotto/X.

Someone who doesn’t need help picking Lotto numbers was the week’s lone winner of R20 million. The winner on Wednesday 20 December 2023 walked away with the Lotto jackpot all by themselves.

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The next Lotto draw is set for Saturday 23 December 2023, with an expected jackpot of R3 million. So, let’s get to work on picking Lotto numbers.


picking lotto numbers
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Picking Lotto numbers that help you walk away with the jackpot is the ultimate daydream, is it not? However, given the odds of winning – getting all balls correct, including the PowerBall is 42 375 200 to 1 – you do need to be realistic about your chances.

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Nevertheless, believe it or not, there is a lot you can do to increase your chances by picking Lotto numbers prudently. There is no such thing as guaranteed success, but these tips from Lottoland are worth considering.


picking lotto numbers
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Trust us when we say, there is no such thing as an expert in picking Lotto numbers. And even if there was, do you think they’d really share all those millions of Rands by broadcasting their secret?

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There is absolutely no secret formula to beat 42 375 200 to 1 odds. So, stop worrying and fretting that there are Walter White-type evil geniuses out there winning all the money. Instead, back yourself, and enjoy.


picking lotto numbers
Ignore the gambler’s fallacy when playing Lotto. Image: Supplied

If you don’t know, the gambler’s fallacy is the belief that what happens in one Lotto draw will somehow affect the next … like patterns and ways to predict the future. Picking Lotto numbers in this fashion is absolute nonsense. Past, present and future are in no way connected when it comes to picking Lotto numbers.

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KZN flood victim and father of seven claims his R44 million Lotto jackpot
KZN flood victim and father of seven claims his R44 million Lotto jackpot Photos: Stock/Canva

Entering the Lotto multiple times will only help your chances very minimally. Remember, your odds are only 42 375 200 to 1. You could never buy a ticket for every possible combination and think about how much that would cost you in the long run, too.

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picking lotto numbers
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As they say in the classics, ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’. So, the only guarantee you get of winning is you have to at least enter. As for picking Lotto numbers, you can’t go wrong with choosing ones that mean something to you personally. If and when they come up, that will make the victory all the more sweeter.

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