30 Hilarious photos of animals

30 Hilarious photos of animals in sticky situations [photos]

Many animals are curious and eager to learn about the world. Sometimes they get themselves in some serious predicaments, and luckily for us, its hilarious!

30 Hilarious photos of animals

The following animals got themselves into some sticky situations – and it’s hilarious!

So you got caught in a rope or stuck in a couch? Animals are unpredictable and sometimes just funny when they go about their day. And lucky for us, there’s a Facebook Page dedicated for exactly that.

A Facebook page, called Animals in Predicaments, boosts a following of 1,549,421 users. While some photos are just funny, others constitute animals in real-life predicaments, and you can’t help but laugh (or maybe even feel a little sorry for them).

Here are some of the best photos:

  1. Well, that’s a colorful dog!

2. How about this seagull who’s identity has been rightfully protected:

3. Well that’s something…

4. As it goes…

5. You make my head spin round, right round.

6. When you’re taking a photo with Santa Claus:

7. Crocs are not a good fashion choice…animal or human!

8. Run, Forrest, Run!

9. When you’re not in the mood to play dress up.

10. Check this cat’s balancing skills:

11. Yes, sergeant Dog.

12. Well, that’s not a good place to be:

13. A turtle war?!

14. Don’t know how he’s going to get out of this one?!

15. When you’re too big to travel…so you just chill in your bed on wheels.

16. When you are stuck in the couch:

17. This is just funny! That’s some service though:

18. Maybe its time to start stress eating:

19. That’s got to hurt…

20. A lobster lama?! Or what:

21. Introducing: Calvin Klein’s new underwear model:

22. This is how we roll…

23. Somebody help! Just hold on, man.

24. When you’re third ‘wheeling’ a proposal, thinking: ‘What’s this man even doing?’

25. Whoo! This Kangaroo definitely got more bounce than he bargained for:

26. Not sure what’s happening here…but it doesn’t look good:

27. Maybe he’s trying to tell us something?!

28. How about we just eat all of our food…at once!

29. *Screams* Look at all the food…wasted!

30. When you’re doing your duty and helping the community…or just celebrating Halloween.