Best lap dogs

Image: David Brown/Pexels

Why doesn’t my dog like to sit on my lap?

Choosing the right dog breed and training them well might make your dog more likely to enjoy being a lap dog.

Best lap dogs

Image: David Brown/Pexels

Not all dogs are good at being lap dogs, and that’s okay.

Not all dogs enjoy cuddling, and that’s okay.

You can often guess if a dog might like cuddles based on their breed, but each dog has its own personality.

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If a dog doesn’t like cuddling, there isn’t much you can do to change that.

By understanding what makes a good lap dog, you can improve your chances of finding one.

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The best lap dog ever!

Bichon Frises often top lists of great lap dogs. They love cuddling and, being hypoallergenic, won’t leave you covered in fur.

When young, they’re energetic, but they settle down fairly quickly, ready for some cozy cuddle time.

If you want a dog that loves cuddling, you’re not the only one.

Knowing what traits to seek can boost your chances of getting what you need.

But remember, there’s no guarantee any dog will become the perfect lap companion.

Choosing the right breed, giving them cuddles, and training them might make them more likely to enjoy sitting on your lap!


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