Understanding 'Simba lift'

Most cats do not like to be lifted. Image: Unsplash

Simba snuggles: Do cats enjoy the dramatic lift?

Videos of cats being lifted like Simba in the Lion King are popular online, but do cats actually enjoy this pose?

Understanding 'Simba lift'

Most cats do not like to be lifted. Image: Unsplash

The internet is full of adorable videos of cats being held aloft like Simba in the Lion King. But is this dramatic pose actually something your feline friend enjoys? The answer, like most things cat-related, is a bit more nuanced.

The Simba Lift: Friend or Foe?

Cats are creatures of control. They crave independence and dislike feeling restricted. Being held in an unfamiliar position, especially high off the ground, can trigger anxiety in some felines. Signs of distress during a Simba lift can include flattened ears, dilated pupils, and a swishing tail.

Reading Your Cat’s Signals Before the Simba Lift

Before attempting a Simba-style lift, it’s crucial to understand your cat’s personality. Does your kitty enjoy cuddles and being picked up in general? Look for positive cues like purring, head bunting, and relaxed body language. If they seem tense or try to squirm away during a potential Simba lift, it’s best to respect their boundaries.

Finding the Happy Medium for Your Simba Lift

Some cats might tolerate a brief “Simba lift” if they’re already comfortable being held. However, focus on supporting their weight securely and keeping the Simba lift gentle and short-lived.

Alternatives to the Simba Lift for Affection

There are plenty of other ways to show your feline friend some love that don’t involve a Simba lift. Gentle petting, scratching behind the ears, and offering playtime with interactive toys are all great options.


Always prioritize your cat’s comfort. A stressed cat is an unhappy cat. Let your kitty initiate cuddles, and focus on building trust and positive interactions.

The Final Verdict on the Simba Lift:

The “Simba lift” might look adorable, but it’s not for every cat. Observe your feline friend’s behaviour and offer affection in ways they appreciate. After all, a happy purr is far more rewarding than a viral video of a potentially uncomfortable Simba lift!

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