Can ostriches make good pets?

Can ostriches make good pets? Image: Pixabay

Ostrich appeal: Can these feathered giants be good pets?

Ostriches are flightless birds that are the largest and heaviest living species. Can they make good pets?

Can ostriches make good pets?

Can ostriches make good pets? Image: Pixabay

Ostriches, the world’s largest birds, capture our imagination with their long necks, powerful legs, and comical running style. But with their impressive size and wild instincts, can these captivating creatures truly become domesticated companions? Let’s explore the reality of keeping an ostrich as a pet.

Hastings Ostrich Farms claims ostriches need less space than you might think, grazing on grains, grass, and silage. They even recommend older ostriches as pets, since chicks can be delicate and require more care, while grown birds are easier to manage.

The Ostrich Size is a Challenge

Ostriches are no ordinary house guests. Standing up to nine feet tall and weighing in at over 350 pounds, they require a significant amount of space. Imagine a large paddock, not a backyard, to accommodate their roaming needs.

What do ostriches Eat?

Their appetites are equally impressive. Ostriches are omnivores, consuming a diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains, alongside insects and small animals. Keeping them well-fed can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour.

Beyond the Ostrich’s Cuteness Factor

While ostrich chicks are undeniably adorable, they mature rapidly. These powerful birds can pack a punch with their kicks and have a surprising turn of speed. Their temperaments can be unpredictable, especially during breeding season when males become territorial.

In many areas, keeping ostriches as pets is illegal or heavily regulated. Local bylaws often restrict ownership due to safety concerns and the potential impact on neighbouring properties.

The Alternative: Appreciation from Afar

While ostriches may not be ideal house pets, there are plenty of ways to appreciate these magnificent creatures. Consider visiting a wildlife park or ostrich farm for a safe and educational encounter. You can also support ostrich conservation efforts that ensure their survival in the wild.

The Verdict: Admire, Don’t Adopt

Ostriches are fascinating birds, but their size, temperament, and legal restrictions make them unsuitable for most homes. If you dream of a feathered friend, consider more manageable avian companions like chickens or ducks. For your ostrich fix, a visit to a reputable wildlife sanctuary is the best way to experience these incredible animals up close.


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