Jiffpom is the richest Insta-pet

Jiffpom is the richest Insta-pet. Image via X @jiffpom

Famous pets: How much do these Insta-pets earn?

Discover the earnings of these online-famous Insta-pets and how much they make from their social media presence.

Jiffpom is the richest Insta-pet

Jiffpom is the richest Insta-pet. Image via X @jiffpom

Have you stumbled upon the world of famous American Instagram pets? These adorable animals boast not only huge followings but also lucrative careers built on their social media presence.

Minnie Miller, an aquarist and the brains behind the FishinAquarium website dives into the most popular and financially successful US pets on Instagram.

1JiffpomDog$27,153 (R507,475.99)
2Nala CatCat$11,517 (R215,250)
3Doug the PugDog$10,575 (R197,636)
4Juniper the FoxFox$8,026 (R150,008)
5Grumpy CatCat$6,659 (R124,459)
6Lil BubCat $6,244 (R116,702)
7Smoothie the CatCat$5,897 (R110,149)
8Henry and BalooDog and cat$5,637 (R105,292)
9TunaDog$5,599 (R104,558)
10Mr WhiteCat $5,405 (R100,935)

Jiffpom And Nala Cat: The Top Insa-Pets

With around 9 million followers on Instagram, the super-cute pomeranian dog Jiffpom tops our list by some margin, earning over $15,000 more per post than the next on the list. Famous for his pics wearing cute outfits, Jiffpom also appeared in Katy Perry’s video for the song ‘Dark Horse.’ 

With an impressive net worth of $100 million, Nala the Cat is next on our list. Originally rescued from a shelter, Nala now has her own merch and cat food line!

Doug The Pug And Juniper The Fox

The winner of not one but two People’s Choice awards, Doug lives in Nashville with his owner, Leslie Mosier. He’s been photographed wearing various costumes and interacting with a whole host of celebrities, and he too has been featured in a Katy Perry video! Doug has also published a book and done voice work for a major Netflix movie.

Juniper the Fox achieved over 2 million Instagram fans after her owner, Jessika Coker, shared regular photos and videos of her online. Now with her own book and merch, Juniper and her owners are aiming to use their Patreon to fund a sanctuary to look after other ‘exotic’ pets that have been abandoned.

Grumpy Cat And Lil Bub

Grumpy Cat achieved fame in 2012 when her sour expression caught the popular imagination and she was featured in many Internet memes. After books, merch, sponsorships, and TV appearances, Grumpy Cat sadly died in May 2019.

Lil Bub first appeared on Tumblr, and later featured on Reddit. She starred in a documentary called ‘Lil Bub & Friendz’ that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, utilised many of her media appearances as a platform to promote animal welfare charities, and he donated the profits from much of her merchandise to good causes.

Smoothie The Cat, And Henry And Baloo

Dubbed ‘the world’s most photogenic cat’, Smoothie’s Instagram is full of fun and cute photos of this beautiful cat. If you love British Longhair cats, Smoothie’s page is worth checking out. Intriguingly, no one has posted new photos online in recent years, and there’s been no news about her current whereabouts. 

Henry and Baloo were both rescue animals who quickly became the best of friends and went on many exciting adventures with their owners Cynthia and Andre in the beautiful Colorado wilderness. Though Henry sadly died recently, his owners have a new dog, Pancake, and he and Baloo still share amazing adventures out in the wild with their owners.  

Tuna And Mr White: The lovely Insta-Pets

These two Insta-pets are amazing. Fans of Chihuahua-Dachshund crossbreed dogs will love Tuna. His unique overbite catapulted him to stardom on Instagram, leveraging his fame to raise substantial funds for animal rescue groups. He and his owner have also published a book full of various photos of Tuna.

Mr White is a cancer (Lymphoma) survivor with over 2 million Instagram followers. Thousands write kind comments daily as he undergoes another round of radiation therapy with his owners.

No Fish In The Top Ten Insta-Pets

Of course, except for Juniper The Fox, cats and dogs dominate the top ten. Other popular household pets like fish, rabbits, hamsters, and birds don’t get a look in! Minnie expresses slight disappointment over the lack of famous fish, suggesting a potential market gap. Minnie says, ‘While most people post on Instagram for fun, these photos can sometimes go viral. If a pet captures people’s hearts, it can generate money and lead to exciting new adventures.’ 

Who knows – perhaps you could be the one to go viral with a beautiful pet fish?