Understanding bats as pets.

Understanding bats as pets. Image: Pixabay

Batty about bats? Why they don’t make the best pets

Overall, while it’s possible to keep bats as pets under certain circumstances, it’s generally discouraged due to the challenges involved.

Understanding bats as pets.

Understanding bats as pets. Image: Pixabay

Bats are fascinating creatures – masters of the night sky and incredible insect-munching machines. But for those considering a furry (or rather, leathery) friend, the question arises: can bats be kept as pets? The answer, unfortunately for the bat enthusiast, is a resounding no.

As per WebMD, while it’s technically possible to have a bat as a pet, it’s not advisable. Housing them in cages typically doesn’t suit bats well, as they are better suited to their natural habitat. Bats thrive when they can fly freely over long distances, which helps maintain their strength and well-being. Here’s why these nocturnal flyers are best left in the wild.

Firstly, legality is a big hurdle. In many countries, including the UK, keeping bats as pets is illegal. They’re wild animals, crucial to the ecosystem, and often protected by law. Taking a bat from its natural habitat disrupts delicate ecological balances.

Bats Have Specialised Needs

Secondly, bats have very specific needs. They’re not cuddly companions. They require large enclosures to accommodate their powerful wings, and a diet of live insects that can be tricky to replicate in captivity. Their social nature also means they thrive in colonies, something a lone pet bat simply can’t replicate.

Stress Takes Flight: The Toll of Captivity

The stress of captivity can be detrimental to a bat’s health. They’re naturally anxious creatures, and confinement can lead to self-harm, loss of appetite, and even death. Even the best-equipped zoos struggle to perfectly mimic a bat’s natural environment.

Beyond the Cage: Bat Appreciation in the Wild

If you’re drawn to bats, there are far better ways to appreciate them. Consider building a bat box in your garden to provide a safe haven for these ecological heroes. You could also volunteer with bat conservation groups or visit zoos with reputable bat enclosures.

While bats may be captivating creatures, they’re best admired in their natural world. So, next time you see a bat flitting through the evening sky, remember – they’re wild at heart, and that’s exactly where they belong.


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