UFO sighting pentagon

Pentagon confirms ‘leaked’ UFO footage is authentic [video]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

UFO sighting pentagon

Residents in Tableview and Milnerton, Cape Town, were left baffled when they observed what appears to be a UFO (unidentified flying object) flying overhead on Monday evening, 12 April.

While the video left South Africans with more questions than answers, the United States Department of Defense addressed a sighting which was caught on camera off the coast of San Diego in July 2019.

Pentagon confirms UFO footage is real

UFO footage captured by Pentagon staff

The footage was originally shared by investigative filmmaker and journalist Jeremy Corbell on the Black Vault and Extraordinary Beliefs. Corbell set out to verify the authenticity of the footage.

The Pentagon has now, in an email to Corbell, reportedly confirmed that the leaked footage is authentic. Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough explained:

“I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel. The UAPTF has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations”.

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Gough added that the DOD did not discuss the details publicly at first, in order to “maintain operations security and avoid disclosing sensitive information that may be useful to potential adversaries”.

She confirmed that the footage was taken by Navy personnel, but refused to confirm if the Pentagon still views the incident as “unidentified”. Gough concluded:

“The UAPTF [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force] has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations. […] I have nothing further for you beyond what I provided”.  

More questions than answers

The Pentagon’s word choice is very telling. While Gough confirmed the authenticity of the footage, the DOD was very careful to clarify any of Corbell’s other concerns.

Corbell explains that the imagery presented in the footage “is genuine UFO / UAP footage, evidence, with impressive provenance”. He concluded:

“It is my hope that these materials will be representative of a unique moment in modern history; a possible turning point towards the rational and transparent approach of investigating and exploring the mystery of the UFO Phenomenon”.

Disclaimer: The term UFO is outdated, but still used fairly regularly in discussion pertaining to alien life and the quest thereof. The term used in defence circles is “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) or “Anomalous Aerial Vehicles” (AAVs). It just doesn’t sound the same, unfortunately.

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CIA’s collection of documents released

The CIA back in January 2021 released some 2 780 pages of declassified records to the public. The documents detailed the US government’s findings on unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The documents were posted online after John Greenewald Jr had been in a legal battle since the 1980s. He successfully filed a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and eventually obtained the digitised documents.

Greenewald Jr explained that some of the documents were released in the late 1990s and that the CIA made a digital collection of all UFO documents, “which encompassed the original records”.

“Around 20 years ago, I had fought for years to get additional UFO records released from the CIA. It was like pulling teeth! I went around and around with them to try and do so, finally achieving it. I received a large box, of a couple of thousand pages, and I had to scan them in one page at a time”.

John Greenewald Jr

The complete collection of PDF files can be accessed for free on The Black Vault.