May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants

Latest on May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants. Image: File

NOTICE: Latest on May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants

Here’s what the 14 million who receive government assistance for minors can expect from their May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants …

May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants

Latest on May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants. Image: File

Following last week’s April increases across the board, here’s what’s in store for May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants. South African Social Security Agency assistance for childcare is broken down into three categories.

Namely, SASSA Childcare Dependency for mental and physical disability in a minor. Then there’s SASSA Child Support for low-income households struggling to make ends meet. And, finally, the third is SASSA Foster Care for guardians who take care of a court-appointed foster child. Here’s how to know which of the three applies to you …


If you have a minor in your care but are struggling financially, SASSA Children’s grants are there to help. Image: File
  • Needing the most support of the three May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants, Childcare Dependency pays out R2 180 (as of last month). And this will rise a further R10 to R2 190 in October 2024.
  • A SASSA Foster Care grant is worth R1 180, while SASSA Child Support grant was recently upped by R20 to R530.
  • The next date for May 2024 SASSA Children’s Grants is Tuesday 7 May 2024. Please note that payments may take between 2-3 days to reflect in your bank account.

Interestingly, when pressed on what the Democratic Alliance (DA) would do about social welfare in South Africa, if it came to power, it said it would focus on SASSA Child Support. Specifically, the DA believes the SASSA Child Support grant should increase to meet the food poverty line. Therefore, from R530 to R760, an extra R230 per month.

Moreover, the DA says it could easily fund such an increase by eradicating corruption, waste and bad governance within the South African Social Security Agency, which it says accounts for as much as R40 billion in misappropriated funds annually.


May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants
The rising cost of living means everyone needs all the help they can get. Image: File

A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18. Assistance is afforded to all eligible parents, guardians, custodians and foster parents. Aimed at lower-income households to cover the basic needs of a young child, you must be able to prove you do not earn more than R52 800 (if single) or R105 600 (if married) annually to be eligible for SASSA Child Support.

Also, you cannot have a Child Support and a Foster Child grant running at the same time. To apply for any May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants, if you are not the child’s biological parent, the child must live with your permanently. Likewise, so that the SASSA Child grant system is not exploited by those who do not actually have children, the following documents count as proof:

  • Affidavit from the child’s parent or police.
  • Letter from the child’s school principal.
  • An official report from a lawfully recognised social worker.
  • The caregiver should not be receiving any additional compensation for raising the child.
  • The child cannot be under the care of any government institution.
  • Note that a caregiver cannot receive grants for more than six children.


May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants
May 2024 SASSA Children’s grants are broken into three categories. Image: File

You will have to visit a regional SASSA branch or office in person to apply for a children’s grant. A SASSA official will help you fill in the forms and must be present throughout. The documents you will need when applying for care for a minor (although some may not be applicable to you) include :

If you are not a child’s biological parent or legal guardian, you should provide a written note or letter of permission from a child’s parent or guardian.

  • Your (caregiver/guardian/parent) bar-coded South African identification card (ID).
  • The child’s (children’s) birth certificate. The certificate must have an identification (ID) number.
  • Any proof of income – these could be your payslip, pension slips, or past three months’ bank statements.
  • Your bluebook / Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) card from your last job.
  • Proof that you are the primary caregiver of the child or children, as stated above.

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