Never Die Nas Lil Wayne

The album cover to Nas’ Magic 3. Image: Apple Music.

Never Die – Hip Hop Song of the Day

We’re celebrating one of the world’s most influential music genres: Hip Hop. Today’s song of the day is Never Die by Nas ft Lil Wayne.

Never Die Nas Lil Wayne

The album cover to Nas’ Magic 3. Image: Apple Music.

Hip Hop is one of the world’s most celebrated music styles. Here’s one of the biggest songs across the globe.

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According to Apple Music’s Rap Life charts, Never Die is the number three record among global hip-hop hits.

The hit single is from the legendary Nas’ latest Magic 3 album. It features the charismatic icon Lil Wayne.

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According to YouTube, the track has been played 517 000 times in six days.

Here are some of the most popular comments from YouTube:

“Nas has found the fountain of youth. Man is 50 and has dropped 6 albums in the past 3 years. Black excellence is him. Hip-Hop royalty is him,” said @hiphoplife585.

@david_king_music said: “Wayne is a true MC for committing to that pattern that whole verse. Can’t help but smile through his part. His sense of humor is well known but he has craftsmanship and timing too. …and Nas is Nas, …over these 6 albums he really plays with locking into dense patterns and then breaking them, and his voice and intensity elevates it 👑.”

@user-ly4zl6ix3e added: “Wayne added a certain element to this that keeps you engaged. It didn’t escape my notice just how much substance there is in Nas’s lyrics; even when he is just floating, or at some point piercing the beat. It’s like some dense prose turned into a crude poem. It’s sth more noticeable when he hops on tracks with other legends; think EPMD 2 etc.”

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