Watch: Nando’s share inspiring

Photo: Nando’s/Facebook

Watch: Nando’s share inspiring lockdown message [video]

Watch Nando’s latest advertisement featuring an inspiring message amid the coronavirus outbreak and national lockdown in South Africa.

Watch: Nando’s share inspiring

Photo: Nando’s/Facebook

Nando’s recently shared an inspiring message amid South Africa’s 21-day national lockdown.

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As the country went into lockdown in order to ‘flatten the curve’ of the coronavirus spread, Nando’s took to social media to share an inspiring message.

A message from Nando’s

The house of peri-peri chicken said:

“Your place, not ours (for now)…to our fellow South Africans, we have all been given a very important order. It’s time to lock . In the face of COVID-19, we will start closing our restaurants down from the evening of 25 March until the 17 April 2020. This is our national duty. Not only for our employees and their families, but for the safety of all South Africans.

“Mzansi we must keep the fire alive in other ways. Remember the power of Ubuntu in these times. “I am because we are”. Let’s be compassionate, let’s not spread fake news, wash our hands, stop panic buying and respect the rule of law.

“We’re in this together and we will make it out the other side stronger than we’ve ever been. If there’s one thing this country knows, it’s how to come together…even if we have to stay apart.

“Remain at home but enjoy the sun, keep your distance but don’t lose touch, and remember that things will get back to normal! Nkosi Sikelel’ Afrika”.

‘Social togetherness’

For the occasion, Nando’s also released an inspiring video voiced by their co-founder, Robbie Brozin:

Some social media users admitted that Nando’s, who is known for their quirky advertisements, are turning the tables and making South Africans cry rather than laugh after the release of this video.

“Nando’s alway make us laugh, and now they’re making us cry,” one YouTube user noted. “This is amazing,” said another.

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The funniest (and some banned) Nando’s ads… so far

We once did a list on their 15 best adverts, and that’s because their viral campaigns completely dominate the discourse. They’ve tackled everything from xenophobia to state capture Nando’s is know for stirring things up when it comes to their advertisements.

One of these includes their take on ABSA and the bank’s Africanicity marketing campaign.

ABSA redesigned its entire brand last year, complete with a new logo and slogan. Africanacity is the jingle attached to ABSA’s new image; it’s meant to be a celebration of African tenacity and ingenuity. Ironically, the entire campaign is rumoured to have been outsourced to an American agency, and the wholesale rebrand has not been well received by the public.

With this in mind, Nando’s timed their punch line perfectly – questioning ABSA’s sincerity by poking fun at its over-the-top adverts, hinting at it being more African-Nasti than a genuine representation of the continent.