Mzansi’s most valuable brands

These are Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024. And they all have a surprising connection to one another. Image: File/Fotor

THESE are Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024

Telecoms and banks rule as MTN is awarded Mzansi’s most valuable brand in 2024, followed by Vodacom, Standard Bank and FNB. Here’s more …

Mzansi’s most valuable brands

These are Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024. And they all have a surprising connection to one another. Image: File/Fotor

When it comes to Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024, telecoms giant MTN comes out on top, according to Brand Finance’s South Africa Top 100. Interestingly, MTN’s value has dropped by 8% year-on-year to under R66.71 billion but it was still able to claim the top spot. This is due to the brand’s expansion beyond South African borders. MTN has a massive stronghold in Nigeria, where it has the largest market share for users and revenue.


Nando’s poked fun at Lionel Messi and team Argentina for their loss during the World Cup. Images via Twitter @wearemessi/@nandossa

In a report from Business Tech, Vodacom ranks second in Mzansi, increasing its brand value by 10% to roughly R43 billion in 2024. Thus, narrowing the gap between first and second on the list of Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024. While listed independently on the JSE, Brand Finance says Vodacom’s association with Vodafone internationally enhances its brand equity, recognition and trust.

Third on the list, valued at R38.74 billion is Standard Bank. Then, fast-food brand, Nando’s. Which is a surprising new inclusion in the South Africa Top 100. Appearing for the first time, it has a brand value of R27.6 billion. Nando’s new entry reflects its status as a global brand, says the report. Despite starting off humbly in South Africa, it has expanded aggressively overseas in recent years. Nando’s now generates more revenue from international markets like the UK and Australia than it does at home.


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FNB, Mzansi’s second most valuable bank brand, actually rates as Mzansi’s strongest brand overall based on certain metrics. These include marketing investment, stakeholder equity, and business performance. Hence, its elite AAA+ brand rating helping boost brand equity and appeal.

ABSA and Investec are banking brands that also appear in the Top 10. Top retailers include Spar and Shoprite, with Multichoice rounding out the top-ten list. Mzansi’s most valuable brands in 2024 can be found below:

RankBrand2023 Value2024 Value
1.MTN R81.6 billionR66.71 billion
2.Vodacom R43.82 billionR42.94 billion
3.Standard BankR32.67 billionR36.74 billion
4.Nando’s n/aR27.60 billion
5.FNB R28.78 billion R25.99 billion
6.ABSA R27.88 billionR25.71 billion
7.Spar R23.58 billionR21.25 billion
8.InvestecR18.54 billionR19.45 billion
9.Shoprite R16.84 billionR19.25 billion
10.MultiChoiceR18.20 billionR18.67 billion
*Figures from Brand Finance South Africa Top 100

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