My Saturday culinary trip thro

My Saturday culinary trip through London

Ever wondered where to find the best mac and cheese, Japanese food and cocktails in London? We answer your foodie questions

My Saturday culinary trip thro

When your perfectly planned Saturday plans are scrapped, and you hop onto the spontaneity wagon and are greeted with a decadent guilty surprise… it becomes a necessity to share the tips.

Wandering the streets of Covent Garden Central London while the winds fought between winter rain and summer sun, we sought out a spot for a cocktail before heading to one of my favourite restaurants. With every intention of preserving my appetite for Flesh and Buns and it’s nibbleville of yellowtail sashimi, soft shell crab and crispy duck leg buns, we randomly sauntered next door into Earlham Street Clubhouse.

Walking down the dark staircase into the American-inspired basement bar, quirky pop art pictures and pull down spring back menus from the ceilings catch your eye and tempt the margaritas order.  Thinking this was just a quick cocktail before lunch turned into quintessential gourmet gluttony.

The MacFactory had arrived at the clubhouse and as a passing pop up, were serving their gourmet Mac and Cheese bowls. With little persuasion from the bar staff and quickly denying my gluten sensitivity, I simply could not resist a sample of the Supermario Mac and Cheese. How can one not be tempted to a tiny teaspoon of wild mushroom, cream and truffle oil?

So much for the one teaspoon! The retro cardboard bowl and plastic fork arrived with piping hot cheese, the aroma of truffle oil and crispy crouton toppings. With only one mouthful, I was immediately transported to my idea of heaven. I have no words to describe the the perfection in macaroni density, and the marriage of creamy sensuality and hit of the rich and subtle flavourings.

The suitably filled bowl lasted no more than three minutes. After sipping down the last of my margarita, it was with a heavy heart that we thought it best to leave some space for our pre-organised lunch.

Flesh and Buns as always did not disappoint, but somehow I would not stand for anything other than another helping of the Supermario for desert next door! Like I said – gluttony. But a sin well spent!

Do yourself a favour and find a way to discover the MacFactory. Please! If you cannot get to the Earlham Street Clubhouse by the end of the week – track them down at the Camden Lock Market. They will be there seven days a week boasting their undeniable bowls of homely heaven and hopefully spilling the beans on their next pop up location.

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The Mac Factory:
Earlham Street Clubhouse: 35 Earlham Street, Covent Garde, London WC2H 9LD, UK; 020 7240 5142,
Flesh and Buns: 41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX, UK; 020 7632 9500,