MUTANT: Hip-hop artist ISAAC e

MUTANT: Hip-hop artist ISAAC explained

Isaac Mutant is one of South Africa’s most controversial hip-hop artists, but could also be counted as one of the best.

MUTANT: Hip-hop artist ISAAC e

Isaac Mutant is one of South Africa’s most controversial hip-hop artists, but could also be counted as one of the best.

A prodigal son of the Cape hip-hop crew, his songs with DOOKOOM made him infamous when AfriForum sued for the lyrics of ‘Jou P@3$ My Larney’ claiming that it glorified violence in the country.

Want to know which songs to make part of your playlist?

Here’s the hip-hop artist ISAAC MUTANT explained in four songs.

MUTANT: Hip-hop artist

According to the website Sonic Hits, artist Isaac started his career as part of an act named ‘Bad Influence’ which would later change its name to Trampled Multitude.

He’s also been part of the band DOOKOOM, of which Isaac was one of its founding members. The band achieved notoriety amongst AfriForum members, when the group attempted to sue for a song that supposedly glorified violence.

In 2016, Mutant embarked on his own successful EU and UK Tour.

He has also been the topic of a 2021 documentary called MUTANT, which explores the artist and what makes him tick on his home turf.

Sorry Girl (Isaac Mutant)

Sorry Girl is one of the most famous songs off any Isaac album, and might be one of the most requested at his live performances.

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It’s the age-old story of a guy who messed up, walking away from a relationship with his ego bruised (but intact).

Fadaala Smurf (Isaac Mutant)

Fadaala Smurf is one of the Mutant songs from his early work, and also one of the most requested at live shows.

It’s become popular enough to draw several reaction videos from people who have heard the song for the first time. Enjoy some beats – no added beef.

Larney Jou… (DOOKOOM)

Here’s the controversial song that caught the attention of civil rights group AfriForum, who claimed that the song’s lyrics glorify violence.

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Contrary to beliefs, the song is meant to display peaking frustration that many South Africans might feel bottled up.

Watch what caused all the trouble in the music video below:

Wie Maak’ie Jol Vol (Die Antwoord)

Mutant is one of the artists featured in Die Antwoord’s debut album, within the song Wie Maak’ie Jol Vol.

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Other artists featured include Jack Parow, who has become a staple of Afrikaans hip-hop in his own right.


Watch the video below.