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Music is King: Black Coffee announces international concert

The concert is expected to feature major international acts.

black coffee

Fresh off bagging the award for Best Deep House DJ for the third year in a row, at the DJ Awards in Ibiza, Spain, Black Coffee and Soulistic Music have announced an upcoming concert, Music is King.

The concert will take place at the TicketPro Dome, Johannesburg, in December and is expected to feature an array of major international acts.

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Black Coffee promises a show South Africa has never seen before

Providing more insight into the concert, Black Coffee stated that

“I’m in a space where I’m starting to make music not pigeon-holed into a genre and I feel music should be celebrated as music not divided into different genres because that divides people, their beliefs and thoughts.

That is why this show will be about MUSIC. I’m working very hard to ensure that this will be a next level show and unlike anything this country has seen before.”

There is no denying that Black Coffee’s rise to power in the local music scene is due to his relentless nature of not being boxed in as a ‘house’ musician.

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He has collaborated with many international powerhouses, in all genres, and his stand for breaking the boundaries of music is not a recent call from the DJ.

This year alone, Black Coffee has headlined major international festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Terminal 5 in New York, The Apollo Theatre, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, while still maintaining his residency in Ibiza.

He also manages a resident spot at XS Nightclub and Encore in Los Angeles. Fans have been encouraged to purchase early-bird tickets to the concert — priced at R250 — as soon as possible, as the event should be sold out.